Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding Planning Update #1

Wedding plans are going quite smoothly. Invitations should be coming in Wednesday or Thursday and we'll be getting them ready for about a week. Then they'll be on their way out to all ya'll. The reception center has pulled through and been a great decision. They are doing everything we needed and beyond. Thanks to all of you who have offered help and congratulations. We really do appreciate each and every one of you and love you so much! We'll get another update up in about a week or so!

Clear Horizons Academy Gala/Auction

This weekend was a fun one for Zach and I. Friday night Zach suprised me with tickets to High School Musical 3. I loved it...poor Zach...he was a good sport. Saturday night we attended a huge event for Clear Horizons Academy...aka my current employer. It was fun to watch people laugh and bid on items Zach nor I could imagine ever affording. Dinner was served as well and it was delicious...except I wasn't a big fan of the chicken;) Anywho...It was an exciting weekend. Maybe not so much for Zach but I enjoyed it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So here I sit on a lovely Saturday morning asking myself what on earth shall I do? Zach and his close friend, Chris, are heading up to Salt Lake to go to the Ute's football game...without me. What perplexes me you may ask, I like football more than he does. bummer. This also following BYU's bitter loss to TCU. I guess it's just not my week for college football. GO BYU! Zach will most likely be deleting this post as soon as he gets back...seeing that he is a fan of any team other than BYU. What a couple eh? :) Miss you all! -Bailee

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Temple Square

Two of our close friends got married in the Salt Lake Temple a couple of weeks ago. Zach and I love to take any chance we get to go up and enjoy the beauty of temple square. I had the opportunity to do the Bride's hair as well as watch her niece as the ceremony took place, and Zach, of course, attended the ceremony. We loved spending time taking pictures and taking in all the happiness....What a great place to be!!!

The happy couple:)

Hehe...Happy couple #2!

The Blog :)

So Zach and I are now here, starting the blog that all married/engaged couples inevitably begin. I guess it makes sense, we're starting a new chapter in our lives so we have to write it down somewhere. To be honest, Zach is focusing on a 4 page paper...I think he could care less about this new little hobby we're picking up:) I'm starting this before the wedding so we can keep everyone updated on the plans, pictures and other useless bits of information:)