Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

We sure love Easter. It is so nice to sit back and remember our Savior in a time of renewal and warmth (this year at least). We enjoyed spending Saturday running errands and playing. We'd been contemplating a bunny for a long time and there were so many all over the place, we took the plunge. We truly are turning into a farm. "Her" name is Hop-Hop. Canyon wouldn't even consider anything else, kind of like he tells people his name is Speedy now. Oh my little 4 year old. 

Hop-Hop is relatively easy to care for. Zach built her a little hutch that has a wire bottom that sits on top of the chicken coop and all the droppings fall right in there. Less clean up for the pregnant lady. She loves eating all our vegetable scraps. I eat a whole thing of celery every few days and she's been loving the celery tops. 

On Sunday, we spent the evening with Zach's family. Canyon was excited that his cousins from Vernal came out to play. They loved the trampoline, the food and of course the egg hunt. 

I can't get over his smile in the above picture. What is it about seeing our kids happy? Makes my world oh so beautiful. 

All the fun aside, I was glad I had the opportunity to talk to Canyon about the Savior. In my efforts to stay active this pregnancy, we went for a long bike ride. As Canyon enjoyed the view from the bike trailer, we reflected on the meaning of Easter and what Christ did for us. It really was a precious moment as a mother. I'm so grateful for the sacrifice and I hope I can live my life in such a way as to deserve it. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The announcement

Most of you saw our little announcement on Facebook.

For those who want details, I thought I'd share them here. Wednesday, April ninth was the beta HCG test. Unlike a home pregnancy test that just detects if the hormone is present in your body, the beta measures how much of the hormone is your system. Anything over a 5 is considered positive but they hope to see about 100. My blood test was at 9:15am and they called with the results around 4pm. My numbers? 210! They told me things were looking great and I'm due for another blood draw this coming Wednesday just to check and make sure things are developing as they should. 

For those of you who have asked how many embryos actually stuck, we don't know quite yet. I'm assuming we'll have an ultrasound at about 7 weeks, which is about two weeks away. I'll keep you all posted on whether we'll be adding two or four feet to our little family.

Thank you all for your love and support. We sure have the best family and friends!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Canyon Man

The first few months of 4 were rough. It happens every year. For some reason he's wired to retest all the boundaries in new and exciting trying ways.

Well, the spell has finally lifted and we are left with the smart, witty and somewhat hilarious little boy we know and love.

Four is my new favorite, C says things that I just can't believe. I shared one on Facebook the other day about me asking him if he'd like to go for a walk and instead of his normal jump for joy, insisted we 'close our eyes and imagine we're going for a walk'.

Last night at dinner, we were eating shrimp scampi. At first he called the oregano that was visibly on the shrimp grass. I corrected him and told him it was oregano, an herb we use to season our food. He then proceeded to say, "Mom, but I don't like FERBS!" Herbs, ferbs.....same thing right?

He's also asking TONS of questions. Mostly questions about words he hasn't heard before and such but my two favorite were today. One was where his voice came from. So we had a little anatomy lesson on how we make noise. Later on he got some water down the wrong pipe, when I asked if that was what happened he asked if the wrong pipe was on the left or the right. So another anatomy lesson ensued, where we discussed the trachea, esophagus and where they lead and the purposes they serve. What a kid.

I'm one lucky momma.

Excuse the runny nose, we've had some serious allergies at our house. 

Oh and I know ya'll are waiting, don't you fret, I'll update you soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waiting game

Waiting is always the hardest part. Lucky for me I have a pretty cute little dude to keep me occupied and a fun husband that reminds me to enjoy the now. Our transfer was Sunday the 30th, so it's been a little over a week. My swelling has gone down a little but I still look bigger than normal. I'm also still pretty sore. Any time I use my abs it definitely is slightly painful. But all for the little ones:) 

In the last week C and I have had lots of fun. We made some bean bags and cut holes in a big box and gave each hole a point value. It was highly entertaining for an entire afternoon. My mom facetimed in and kept score, love modern technology. 

Emmy, our border collie, became a super hero. 

We were able to go to the BYU museum of Palentology with some friends. Such a fun little free museum. Canyon loved the huge Dino skeletons and the fossilized Dino poop. 

We love doing things with the Hones. Carter and Audrey are so fun!

Waiting can be painful but tomorrow is the moment of truth so it's almost over. Crossing our fingers!