Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love pumpkin carving but was hesitant to suggest it this year. Zach and I were on our way to take some things back to Petco yesterday and we saw a gianormous pile of pumpkins. Much to my delight Zach giggled like a little school girl and we went to pick some out (ok he didn't giggle like a little school girl....but it was his idea:) At seventeen cents per pound, it made it quite difficult to decide which were to be our victims this year. Zach ended up with a 29.99 lb monster and I ended up with two smaller white and one orange. We came home and carved away. Oh how a little digging, scraping and sawing can make stress leave a little apartment. My pumpkin, aka the great swiss, was pretty simple but differnt from anything I've ever done more faces for me:) Zach's was an artistic master piece, skull with flames (a little too scary for me if I do say so myself:). They are neatly displayed on our breezeway where nearly no one will view them but ourselves....we like to enjoy our own artwork:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happenings at the Hawkins: 24 Weeks

I do little updates here and there but today I decided to let everyone in on all the details happening in our home. There's so much going on and I love reading about everyone else so here goes.
***For those of who don't know, Zach left the architectural sheet metal business in August to free up time to finish his degree...YAY! The way things are going now he'll be in cap and gown April 2011. Boy howdy I can't wait. He's now working with Alpine School District doing a job he honestly hates...good motivation eh?
*I'm still working at the law office and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. It's a good job for a pregnant college student. I usually finish all my homework at work so when I get home I can relax and get house chores done (if they get done:)
***We still have our black lab puppy who has now transformed into a full blown monster! He's huge. We knew when we bought him his was a mix of some sort but we figured he had a little border collie in him or something....not the case. We now believe that there must be a great dane in is pedigree. Zach and Bruce now have a relationship stronger than lassie and ...bobby was it? It's fun to watch how attached Zach is to our little mutt. I am sure going to be outnumbered when canyon shows up!
***School has been interesting for both of us this semester. Zach is passing his drafting classes with flying colors. He absolutely loves them and does homework weeks in advance because he just can't get enough. He's not so in love with his Biology class but he's getting by. I love my Calculus 3 class even though it makes my brain hurt. The mathematics is so fun once you figure it out....the figuring out is the problem. My physics class is just russian professor sure makes things difficult. My favorite class this semester is Humanities....hmmmmm...and thats coming from a math major...rethinking might not be such a bad idea.
***My parents came out to visit a couple of weeks ago and they've been adding to our baby preparedness stash. We now own a pack and play, a bouncy play table, a bouncer, and NYPD onsie (thanks mom!) socks and some other clothing items. Thanks to them we're saving lots of moola.

Updates on Baby Canyon!
***Canyon is a kicking, punching and squirming all over the place! I can't help but smile every time I feel the little guy. We are so anxious to meet him, the months will fly by I'm sure.
*** Canyon was still breach at our last appointment but my doctor thinks there's a chance he'll turn...I mean he has a lot of time to so chances are good:) Our next appointment is the beginning of November and we'll be signing up for our birthing classes then. Things are going so well and all the morning sickness is pretty much gone (WOOT WOOT)
Till next time!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend Zach and I got to go on a road trip down to St. George for my cousin's wedding. The wedding was gorgeous and it was just so nice to get away from the hussell and bussell of our busy life. Even though I'm feeling quite chubby, I let Zach drive us down to the St George Temple late Friday night to take some pictures. We sure do love the temples! And no making fun of the chubs!

Sunday, October 4, 2009