Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh these are sweet times

"I can't wait till....."

Who doesn't see something in the distance they can't wait to get going? Today has been such a good day and as I was looking through pictures of the last couple of weeks I realized that if nothing changed I would be happy enjoying what we have right now. That includes dirty diapers, late nights with a teething, dramatic 1 year old and busy schedules.
Canyon loves the tub now. He found the plug and loves to watch the water drain...he also figured out to switch the running water to the shower.
We got two Outback Steakhouse gift cards early March so we headed on over to get some grub one Saturday night. Canyon thinks he's so big. this was his first experience with "big kid" crayons...and as you can see it went pretty well.

He found the markers yesterday and didn't even want to take the caps off. He just sat there giggling as he took the markers out of the box and put them back in again. I'll savor my clean walls while I can.

Zach and I are officially getting older. Shocker I know. My family cam up for our short but sweet spring break. We did a lot of shopping and eating with a board game thrown in for kicks and giggles. Saturday morning we did family photos with Jen Fauset. You may remember the pics she took of C about a year ago. She is super talented and if you head on over to her blog you can see a preview of the pictures...they turned out fabulous if I do say so myself.

Until next relaxing Saturday afternoon:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

blogger's block

You'd think with my new hobby and all the time I haven't spent blogging that my house would be impeccably clean, not so my friends. I have found myself face down in a little of this...

and a little more of this...
Ok so it's not really blogger's block...more like a time deficiency.

I'm waist deep in midterms and to tell ya'll the truth I.LOVE.IT. Its tough and sometimes I have a hard time focusing instead of falling asleep, but it's utterly rewarding. The human body is my passion (that sounds completely ridiculous, I know). Poor Zach has to listen to me after class every night talking about all the amazing things I learn. (He secretly thinks I'm a NERD)

So for this week you might not see much more of me. I'm running a race Saturday and then next week is spring break with a sprinkle of visiting parents (hallelujah I can't wait to see them). It'll be a bit more relaxed and maybe just maybe I'll blog a little more about what's happening at our house. It's a little boring but hey...some of you still read it:)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a little bit cleaner

Why haven't I been posting much lately?
Because this beauty has made vacuuming my new favorite hobby.

We've been living with a $5 Saver's vacuum for the last few years which really isn't all that bad for the average newlywed couple, but we have a big BLACK lab. I was drowning in hair...and I mean drowning. Ever since C has started crawling the hair has bothered me that much more. After a year of research we finally made our purchase. The dyson ball is all it's cracked up to be. I love it!