Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little Mickey Mouse in the Hawkins House

Last year's party was quite the scene We invited pretty much everyone we knew and most of them showed up. It was stressful and fun all rolled into one. This year, C now at a more difficult age, I decided to only invite a few families who also had chillins in the two age group. I kept it small and wanted to focus on C.

My wish was granted on the small part. Nearly half the families I invited had sick kids come Saturday (get well soon!!!) so we were blessed with only two close friends over. With 3 2 year-olds in the house, it felt like plenty.

Weeks in advance, I made felt Mickey ears for all the kids that were coming, it was a lot of work but it'll be fun to have the leftovers when we go to Disneyland again.

After eating sandwiches, the kids played pin the ears on Mickey. It was a hoot. Edison went first and stuck the ears all the way to the right of Mickey's head. We all laughed and so the rest of the kids decided that's where they should go, where it made everyone laugh. We had them try it over and over and couldn't get enough of their silliness.
Thanks for all the sweet gifts from friends and family, C is a lucky little boy. The pic below is Canyon's new trike. Edison wasn't to happy that C wouldn't share so just before this he took a swing at C (yes I got a picture of that too:) Angela and I love this pic because Canyon looks so disgusted and Edison looks....well....satisfied. Needless to say they both had a good talking to about sharing....and hitting.

The party was so fun and as C gets a little older we'll start having more friends over:) Maybe my capacity to handle large numbers of young children will increase and we can throw a big one next year. Thanks for all the well wishes from family and friends, we are so lucky to have you all!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


My big boy is officially two. I'm not really sure where the time has gone but I have loved every minute of this little boy's life. He sure makes us happy!

My mom made C a little mickey mouse shirt for his birthday party this year. I took a few shots of my little ham. He was having fun with my fake glasses and I decided a prop distraction may be a good idea (2 brings an easily distracted toddler to my home:)

At two Canyon:
*Can say just about anything. He is just starting sentences and is getting good a names.
*Loves Basketballs and their hoops
*Rides his Tricycle all over the house
*loves to watch movies and mimic all the actions...We've been very very careful with what we let him see now.
*Talks on the phone. I love calling on my 10 minute break at work. He'll say things like "HeLLOOOOO" and " I love you" and even tell me what he's doing. love.
*Tells me which way to go when we're driving. It's usually opposite where we need to go and there's usually a tantrum involved...we're working on that.
*Trying oh so hard to not hit. It's funny how the emotions take over and I have a completely different child on my hands. He's just starting time out, it works better with daddy than it does with mom, and he does an awesome job of saying sorry and giving hugs and kisses.
*Somewhat of a picky eater but will usually try whatever is on mom's plate.
*sleeping in a big boy bed. He made the switch back in September I think. It may have been earlier. Definite pros and cons on that one.
*loves loves loves books. We have so many, and it's a good things because every night he has a blast picking out a few and reading them before bed.
* is in love with elephants, mickey mouse, lions, fruit snacks, playing with his awesome cousin Edison, and being CRAZY

It's amazing how fast he has turned into a little man. I'm excited for more personality to shine through, he's really a great kid.


As a mommy of a little boy I tend to wonder if I'll ever get to do the tutu and flower thing. Sometimes it takes a little fun rough and tumble to realize I don't think I'll ever need those:)
I don't know about you but I can see pure joy on that little face. I'm pretty content with a family full of boys, just not all 2 year-olds.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A little paint

Working full time and being a mom doesn't leave all that much time to do things with friends. Today, my pretty awesome sister in law Angela and I decided that that must stop. We both have boys in the terrible twos and work....hence we were in desperate need of a night away. We skipped the movie and went straight to Color Me Mine to get some artistic therapy. The hubby's stayed home with our sweet monsters so we could relax for two and a half hours. I can't wait to post the pics of our masterpieces. Thanks Ang for a great night away, I think I really like the idea of doing that once a month!

Ps....if you haven't noticed my blog hiatus, I'm now ending that. Much to come in the next few days:)