Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twas the day before...Thanksgiving

And all through the house all the creatures were stirring, even the mouse.

Some cookie dough was made, for father dear and his office buddies who needed some cheer.

The child, not nestled in his bed with care, but standing on a toilet finding zebra hair.

And in the kitchen there rose such a clatter, and we found that Bruce had made a disaster.
After cleaning with care we grabbed all the grub and headed to work to meet the hubs.

The babe and the daddy greeted with glee, have you ever seen C so happy?

Ok I know enough with the silly rhyming, today was just that good. It was such a great reminder of why tomorrow is so important to me. I guess as I get older (GASP!) I am more and more grateful for all the happy things I have in my life. Even the trials are so fantastically meant for me.

I am a lucky, lucky woman.

Monday, November 14, 2011



yup. C and I have a bad case of the coughs. And maybe a little bit of pink eye. I'm enjoying the time with my baby boy but I wish it was in better circumstances:)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Man who does bedtime well...

This is a little tribute to the man who is great at bedtime.

Two months ago, before I started working nights, I always put Canyon to bed. The first couple of days of my new night shift, Zach would let him stay up until I got home but that was exhausting for me. So, he stepped it up and things have never been better at bedtime.

Before: Sitting in Canyon's room for an hour waiting for him to fall asleep.
After: laying with C for about 15 minutes and leaving, asleep or not.

Before: Tip toeing across the room just hoping the door won't squeak on your way out.
After: A big kiss and walking to the door, turning and leaving.

Before: Hysterical screams if the door screeched.
After: a cute glance.

My hubby knows how to teach a little boy to fall asleep on his own.

When you start a family you always have a little fear of how each of you will do as parents. You look at how the other acts around kids at church or their cousins. Zach has exceeded every expectation. He is the best daddy. He has taught Canyon so much and I'm so glad I lucked out.

Ewe for the mush...I know. What can I say? He needs to know he's appreciated.


We've been outsmarted.

Ever see that movie Mouse Hunt? I used to feel like the mouse was the victim, it wasn't.

The cold has brought a few new "friends" into our home and they make their appearances mostly while we're relaxing after C goes to bed. We're debating buying a "No Vacancy" sign to put outside, just so they know.

Last night Zach set a few more traps (which worked last week) and an hour or so later checked them. Well there were no caught mice but the dog food bait had been taken.

We've been outsmarted and I didn't eat breakfast this morning due to my intense fear of rodents.

I'm seriously considering getting a cat for the winter so something is keeping these little guys in check. Anyone know how to get around pet allergies?

Friday, November 4, 2011

A little accomplishment

I've never been a distance runner but it's not always easy to be on a soccer team while working, going to school and attempting to be a good mom. I've been running and my goal for the last two years was to run a half marathon. Last Saturday was the day. I will admit I wasn't quite ready for it and I paid in soreness the two days following the race. The first 7 miles went so well. Miles 8 and 9 were perfect. The hard ones were the last three. I think that's where I needed a running buddy to keep up with a certain pace. I made it though, and all without walking once! I may have jogged a tad slower at times than I would have walking but I did it! The official times were just posted yesterday.....and mine was....

2 hours 20 minutes and 19 seconds!
That's about a 10 minute mile...a little more but not quite an 11 minute mile average.

I know it's not the best and I'm sure if I train even more I could do even better but I feel good. It's one of those things that you dream of doing but never do. I'm glad I did:) I'll definitely be doing another one.

I was really lucky to have an entourage to cheer me on. Zach and C parked towards the end of the race and cheered me on in the last mile. It made it all that much sweeter.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I don't think I've ever gone a whole month without blogging! I'm glad to be back though. Things have been super busy around our house. I'm working full time for a little while to supplement Zach's part time income. He should be going full time in December and we can rearrange that a little bit.

October was a super fun month in our house, we especially loved Halloween. Zach and Canyon get to spend a lot of time together so this last month they did a lot of the Halloween preparations while mom was at work. They mostly scouted out what they wanted to dress up as and Canyon Loved the Halloween stores. I sure have a little boy on my hands.

After much deliberation here are our costumes for 2011.
Yup. Batman, Robin and the thief that stole their hearts:) I know cheesy:) I just wasn't up for tight leather boots. I was really surprised at how many people bought their costumes. I enjoyed my home made costumes growing up and always felt like they were so awesome. I loved making these this year but I'm afraid we looked like the rag muffins at the ward trunk or treat, oh well, I had fun making them and they were definitely in the budget.
Canyon found a new favorite thing this month, and no, not candy (although he really likes that too). Pumpkins. We carved ours a week or so and ever since C and the Jack'o'lantern have been attached at the hip. One morning Canyon fed the pumpkin M&M's for breakfast while he ate his cereal. I laughed that C didn't think of eating the M&M's were just for his pumpkin:)

Canyon loves to sit outside on the porch with the pumpkin, We couldn't get him to go back inside the night we took some pictures so we just kept taking shots!! Halloween is so fun with a little one.