Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who needs gas when you have sisters?

My oh so adorable sister in law, Skyler, was awesome enough to come out and stay with us for a few days (nearly a week with the us....poor soul). We were also a little bit in the middle of finals week but I so wanted to do some fun things too. Monday night we decided to go out and try a restaurant I'd been eying for a while. It was SOOOO good. Pho Noodle House in Orem is the bees knees! The owners were so friendly and fun and Canyon absolutely loved the food (Skyler and I enjoyed ever last bit as well).

I normally don't take pictures of my meals but it was so new to me that I couldn't resist. Oh and the little boy with the chopsticks...yes I gave birth to him so the camera is nearly ALWAYS pointed in that direction...
After noodles we decided we'd like a little Farr's. Now one may be overwhelmed when entering Utah county and trying to decided which of the many frozen yogurt places to try but let me make it a tad easier....Farr's Fresh is by farr (pahahaha no pun intended but delightfully said) the best we've found. It caters to the wants of any man, child or beast with options out the wazoo.

We enjoyed our smorgasbord of flavors with fruit toppings and passion fruit beads that burst in your mouth, and returned to the car where we were not so surprised that it did not start. My gas light stopped working a few months ago and I was definitely pushing it Monday night. We must have been sitting on just the right angle as to deprive the engine of what was left of the fumes in my tank. We pulled out the stroller and hiked to the nearest Maverick to get a gallon or so for a thirsty Honda. We laughed the whole way and enjoyed the bonding time. I'm sure Skyler was a tad embarrassed for her irresponsible sister in law who should have handle on this thing called life....but who does?

Skyler's leaving tomorrow and all that fun girlie stuff will halt till she comes again! Hopefully soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh I love Easter

Happy Easter! What a wonderful day set aside to remember the living Christ! We sure do love the gospel and our Savior and enjoyed a small get together at our place in honor of the day. Friends and family came over for my first time EVER hosting an Easter dinner and boy howdy it turned out pretty good. It helped that C decided to show off his new skill (which up until today he has been saving for only right before bed). He walked around the living room clapping and smiling...pretty dang proud of himself. I love him! This age has brought a lot of fits but it's all worth it, especially when he does the most ADORABLE things. Sometimes I complain about the lack of estrogen in our house but I sure love the way things have panned out...I feel like it's a perfect balance for me. Good thing Heavenly father knows just what I need. And for your viewing pleasure a little of my studly little guy!

It would not be complete without a walking video!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have parented a late bloomer. Maybe not so much a late bloomer but a stubborn bloomer who likes to do things at his own got it...he's Zach's boy:)

Canyon has had an on-again-off-again relationship with the idea of walking. The kid cruises on anything and everything. He can go up and down stairs faster than you can say his name...but standing up by himself and taking the dreaded thanks mom. I haven't been worried, just patiently waiting. At his [late] one year check up Dr. Clark made sure I knew that we shouldn't start worrying until 18months. So I just sit back and enjoy the [less] mobile times.

Last night Canyon stayed up a little later than usual enjoying dad's company for the first Monday night that I'm sure he can remember. He was crawlin around in just a diaper [the cutest]. Zach and I were watching a good ol' episode of Law and Order: Los Angeles when C decided to try something new. He was squatting next to his wipes and just stood hand holds in sight. Since we were paying more attention to the cutie than the tube we didn't want to startle him by moving too much or getting too excited. Finally I said "YAY!" and he just smiled bigger and clapped his hands. What a hunk:) Before I could get the camera out he was down and done but ooo what a night. I'm keeping the camera on me at all times from now on just in case. He's getting big and I'm sure he'll be zooming before we can blink twice....
Remember when he was this little? I think he needs a sibling....;) Not any time soon of course.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Woot woot

Sickness may have raided our home these last few weeks but I feel we are coming out victorious!! I shall blog more now that my head and lungs are a little clearer. First order of business...the good...GREAT news.

Zach is graduating in December (hallelujah). Yes great news that you probably already knew. Well other good news would be that Zach got a job!!! Yes he already had a job but this one is a drafting job. Yay for work experience. It's only part time for the summer (yes on top of his already full time job and summer classes) but hopefully it'll turn into something more in the fall so he can quite the janitorial work (as much as he LOVES that). The new company you may ask? Cloward H20 . Head on over and look at all the amazing projects they've done. It's not a big company but they've done projects all over the world. I think Zach's dream is that they'll send him to Dubai and do more work out there (yes this is the company that got Zach on his Dubai kick).

They interviewed Zach last Tuesday (about a week and a half ago) and told him they'd let him know the beginning of the following week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Zach had to deal with me texting and asking if he'd heard yet. Wednesday I was trying to send Zach an emai from the laptop here at work and it just kept refreshing the page so I decided to check Zach's email to see if it had sent. When I opened his account I saw the words "Cloward H20 job offer" as a subject line and it had been sent not minutes before. I couldn't resist. I opened it on up and sure enough he had got the job. I was so excited I kept trying to call him while he was in class...I'm a terrible wife. He called me back a little later and told me they had called earlier and told him. Stinker for not telling me and letting me feel guilty for thinking I knew before he did:)

We are so excited. He'll be making a little more an hour than he is now and if he can get on full time in the fall things will really start looking good salary wise. At least compared to the normal starving student pay.

Excuse the long post but as you can tell we are ecstatic. I'm so glad to be back from the dead and writing again. I promise to keep things a little more up to date and exciting around here.