Saturday, March 31, 2012

My big boy

Canyon got a pack of big boy underwear today and we decided to talk to him and let him run around for a little while in just undies and a shirt. We are definitely not potty training just yet but I like the idea of him seeing and getting used to some of potty training basics.

He loved wearing big boy pants!!! Don't believe me? Here ya go!
Anyone have tips on potty training a boy? My sweet mom has only had girls and I think we'll be ready in the next few weeks. I need all the help I can get!

Canyon's room

Last night we went to work painting for the first time in our new house:) Here is a little photo journal of the project....actually photo journal would entail quite a few pictures so.... here are the 4 pictures I took to document the transformation.
I'm super happy with the way it turned out. C's room is no where near finished in the decorating area but we'll get there when we get there....I'm just glad to be rid of the yellow!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Road Trip

**Make sure to check out the post below for info on our new house.**

Two days after moving in to our new home Canyon and I hit the road down to Arizona. Every year my family has the Lamb Lady Luncheon and I missed it last year. I was eager to see my great grandma and all my other extended family that I don't often see since moving to Utah.
The drive down was quick and easy. Canyon was a champ and just colored the whole way.

Flagstaff was nice and warm when we arrived and we sure enjoyed playing with Bethanie, my camera shy sis. Every picture I tried to take of the two of them she'd either hide or refuse to smile. Best part about the only two pics I like in the whole lot? Both have a child with ketchup on their face. Go us!

Not only did we get to go to the Lamb Lady Luncheon but my mom, aunt Darcy and I ran a 5k on St. Patrick's Day. It was a great way to kick of my race season and can't wait to do another. It was so fun running with family, I usually race all alone:)

On Sunday we got 2.5 feet of snow, making us all a little nervous for the drive home on Monday. I braved the storm Monday afternoon and Canyon and I made it home safe at nearly 10pm. There were some really scary patches but one thing I've learned as I've gotten older is I can be strong enough to do just about anything....I just have to stop crying:)

Can't wait to see Bethanie and my parents again next week for Easter, oh and a special guest! I can't wait to get pictures of the up coming week!

We've moved!

It's been two weeks so this might not be big news but...We've MOVED! yes...again. I think we've moved 5 times in our short marriage but this one is a tad more permanent.
On March 16th we signed the papers to our very first home. It feels so good to have a back yard and room to grow, not to mention we aren't paying much more than we were when we were renting.

Don't you love this not-so-awesome shot of the downstairs bathroom...I knew it was the thing you wanted to see, second only to the front of the house;) We have three full bathrooms, all are small but hey, there's 3!
This is the kitchen. I'm using this as the before picture because within the next week and a half there will be a makeover-blog worthy transformation. To the right of the fridge is a very large pantry...thank heavens since it's lacking in cupboard space.
I should've cleaned the playroom before taking this picture but Canyon wouldn't let me. So you now can see that Canyon enjoy's his playrom...and I sure enjoy having one. This room is 1 of the 5. They are all small, save the master which is ginormous. I feel the same as I did with the bathrooms, I don't mind that they're small because I have lots of them to use for different things.
Worst.picture.ever. but I couldn't seem to get a better one. This is the front room as you walk in the front door. We have yet to hang pictures or decorate so excuse the blandness of the room. There is also a living room (or is this one called a living room...I always get the two confused) further on in the house but I couldn't even get a shot like this of it...all you'd see is a picture of our sectional...and it's not for sale:)

As I decorate a little more I'll post more pics. AS of right now I was too embarrassed to show pictures of the purple and yellow rooms...those need a coat of neutral paint before making their debut.

We are loving Spanish Fork thus far. The only day of the year we intend on avoiding our town is that of the festival of colors....way to many dirty people disobeying traffic laws for our taste. We'll plan a get-away that weekend of next year.

We'd love company so plan a visit and we'll even let you play in our big back yard...because you know you want to:)