Friday, November 26, 2010

Duh da da dun!

You guessed it...we moved...again. Now I'm sure we'll find more faults with this new location as time goes but as of right's the bees knees:) Our last place proved to be a bit, well, scary. We got out of the contract and into a townhome in a better area. We were in a 3 bedroom and now we're in a 2 bedroom but it's the same square footage and we're making it work! I had a few requests for pictures. Now mind you, we haven't completely unpacked and we're selling some of the furniture seen so don't'll look better soon:)
This my dear friends is my new best friend, sort of. The kitchen is probably one of my favorite amenities in our new place. Not only is the fridge awesome and the counter space would be good of a catering company but where you cannot see is a pantry! Yes a pantry!!! We have yet to have one and so far....I LOVE IT!

This is a little bit of a distorted view of the living room. We're selling the rocking chair and I'm sure those boxes will be gone by morning. I'm really excited that we put the amiore downstairs as an entertainment center. It'll be nice not to worry as much about the baby falling on the sharp corners of our last TV stand.

EW embarrassing closet picture. Please forgive me :) The bedroom is bigger than our last and the bathroom is too. There are 2.5 bathrooms total. One in each bedroom and a half bath downstairs.

This is Canyon's room. He's going to be gracious enough to host any of our overnight guests:) Don't worry...they won't have to wake up for the midnight feedings. It's a little tight but I think it'll work just fine.

Oh I almost forgot. There's a backyard for the dog! Thank goodness for less dog hair in the house:)

Come visit us. We'll make dinner!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The weekend

Fridays are refreshing. I'm going home to clean and make Chicken Parmesan for the hubby. When he gets home we're watching Toy Story 3 and enjoying a moment of no stress. I'm grateful for the weekdays...they make the weekend so much sweeter.

Oh and I planned out all the Christmas gifts I'm giving this year...wonderful feeling. Now I need to head to Hobby Lobby:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh November

I'll admit..I hate to play favorites, but October is mine. Yes March is nice and May brings the sun but October is still my favorite. Now for November...I'm excited for this one too:)

I still need to post our Halloween pictures. I'm a little embarrassed by them so I may or may not add them to this post later. We got together with our dear friends Jessi and Cesar for dinner and pumpkin carving. I picked out the wartiest pumpkin I could in hopes it would make a good witch. when we got home we started on the pumpkins...well everyone else did and I went to put the little man down. When I came out Jessi and Cesar already had their pumpkin cleaned out with eyes, while Zach hadn't even got the top off ours.... Turns out my husband in not a weakling but pumpkins with lots of warts (or at least ours) have shells like steal. We abandoned all intricate patterns and an hour later had what Jessi called "a confused alien pumpkin". It's embarrassingly ugly. Still debating whether I should give you a good laugh or not:)

Canyon was a lion but too young for trick or treating...he sported the outfit for a while but it was a little bulky for the army crawl. I'm excited for next year when we can get a little more into it.

In other news...WE'RE MOVING! yes again. I wish it weren't so but we decided to fight our way out of our lease in order to get into a better part of town. We'll be out by the 4th of December but we're looking to move the week of Thanksgiving. We have some really good prospects and don't fret, we have looked at reviews and police reports of the neighborhoods! Hopefully this will be our last move before Zach graduates. We'd love to stay put a while. At least until Zach finds a more permanent line of work.

Canyon is growing up a little too fast. He's pulling himself up on EVERYTHING! We're in the market for a new TV stand, ours has too many corners and has been a little dangerous. Here's where I found him last night as we were putting the books away in his room.

He crawled into the bathroom across the hall. I followed him and peeked around the door to see what he would do. The little man pulled himself up and started to sing while drumming on the toilet. I sure love his personality.

UPDATE: here are the pumpkin pics..
The ugly one on the left is ours...the brilliantly cute one on the right is Cesassi's.