Monday, September 28, 2009

More POOP!

My sweet mother is going to kill me for sharing this post but I just can't hold it in. My family was in town this weekend (WOO HOO!!!) and we had a Sunday lunch together. We were playing a "friendly"game of phase 10 and eating junk food after lunch. Bethanie was eating tootsie rolls with my dad feeding them to her and she turned to him and said "More poop?" She found a striking resemblance between poop and toosie rolls and instead of asking for candy she just went for the easier word. Oh how I love that little girl!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"family pictures"

Saturday morning Zach turned to me and said "hun, we don't have any family pictures of ALL of us." By all, Zach was referring to Bruce. So later that day we went up Provo Canyon and attempted to take some pictures of the three of us. Not so easy with a pregnant lady, hyper puppy and a camera on a timer:) but it was fun! Here's the evidence.

Zach insisted on taking some pictures up at the falls. Being 5.5 months pregnant, I'm not feeling all that photogenic but we've gotta have memories!!!

My super handsome husband with his best buddy:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby fun

In an attempt to save money on baby supplies, I've been buying things here and there that I find really good deals on. A month or so ago I bought a carseat. As I was browsing a local website I found the matching stroller. She was selling it for a good price and we decided to buy it. Upon picking it up I discovered the box had never even been opened!!! I'm proud to say we got a brand new, $165 stroller for $90! I'm pretty proud of my matching set:) Can't wait to have our little man in it!

Kitchen chairs

Labor day = fun project:) Zach and I decided to repaint our kitchen chairs. They look great now...practically brand new!

Couldn't do it in the apartment so we did it on the flat between stair cases:)

Zach hard at work sanding the chairs down...don't worry, I helped.

Right after sanding and before the painting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drum Roll Please...............

I'm sure you can tell from the above picture but in case you can't....We're officially having a baby boy! We couldn't be more excited:)

The fetal survey went extremely well. Zach and I had so much fun watching our little one. The ultrasound technician couldn't help but be surprised that he was so active. She'd hold one spot and you could see the little guy just kicking and punching all over the place. He's gonna take after both parents and play soccer!!!
Can't wait to meet him!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Premature Goodbyes

Yesterday I said my farewells to the five month mystery and today I'm looking into the face of 4 more days of such. We went to the OB and what she had failed to tell me last month was that in this month's appointment we would be "scheduling the fetal survey ultrasound". My hearing must've failed me again. Miraculously, we finished the appointment with smiles on our faces and not a trace of disappointment....until we left the building. Four days seems like a year away but I have a nice weekend in between now and then, I don't HAVE to think about much else. Tuesday 10am....I'll be there...not square... but maybe a little round:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Farewell to not knowing.

Farewell to having to go to both the boy and girl section of the baby isle.

Farewell to "it"

Farewell to the waiting and anticipation.

Farewell to dreams of uncertain baby genders......

Tomorrow morning, Zach and I are going in for our second trimester ultrasound and along with checking the development of the little sprout, we'll be discovering the gender!!! WOO HOO! Here's to waiting 4 months. Praise to those who can go the whole pregnancy...I am not one of you! Here's to gender specific browsing!!!!