Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspired by Kristin Call

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet Bruce

For those of you who've known me since adolescence knows you'll surely find a dog or literature on one nearby when I'm around. I don't think Zach realized I had such a love for them until early May rolled around and we started talking about adding to the family. We found Bruce for $75 bucks. He likes to cuddle and bite. Little did I know that having a 7 week old puppy was like taking care of a newborn. What a pooch! Zach would say it's a "love-hate relationship", really I can tell he makes Zach's heart melt:)

He makes mine melt too:)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mountains + Bikes = Sweat, dirt and fun!

Since Zach is trying to get me prepared for Moab this summer we ventured out on another bike ride, this one more demanding than the first. Driving to the start of the trail we pushed the altima up quite the hill. As I enjoyed the scenery Zach says "you know we'll be riding up this to get back to the car." I shrugged it off, which was easy with my mounting excitment. We get the bikes out and start, uphill.

I just learned about shifting and how it can help or hinder your progress, expecially when it comes to hills. I struggled up the first hill and as we crested it and turned the corner another hill loomed over us. come to find out the first mile was a series of steep hills. I slowly made my way up huffing and puffing, and stopping often. Zach kept saying "this is the last one" as we turned and looked at another.

Finally as we crested the last hill we got to see over part of utah valley and it was gorgeous. We stopped for some water and took pictures.

Zach has a hard time when it comes to smiling for pictures. That's my he man;)

Needless to say I was shaking in this picture.

CONQUERED!!! 15 miles of rocks and craziness and we did it!! Zach probablly could've done it twice but it was an accomplishment for me. The last hill (the one we drove up in the first place) was the most challenging and all I could think the whole time was 'I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN" I can't wait to go back and show those hills whose boss:)

Lets all go Biking!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Amazing MOM

Mother's day, the day we show our appreciation for those wonderful women who have shaped our characters and done all they can for us. On the calender only one day is marked but this week all I've heard about is moms moms moms...and all week, as busy as it was, my thoughts were on my amazing mom. Dione Clement Russell, mother of myself and Bethanie Marie Russell. I'm sure Bethanie would agree when I say you all should be jealous of my fabulous mom. Now I know that everyone can claim a great mother so this is my chance to do so. I don't want to belittle any other mother because, lets face the facts, they are all wonderful in their own way. My mom, attending every soccer game, watching over my shoulder, always asking QUESTIONS more in depth than I'll ever think, making dinner, acting like a sister/best friend, EXERCISING, smiling, laughing, RESPONSIBLE, such a great woman. I wanna grow up to be just like her!!! I love you, Mom, more than I may show. Enjoy these pics of my mom...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday Night Karaoke

Last night Zach and I went with a couple of our friends to Applebee's. Little did we know that Tuesday nights at Applebee's are the Karaoke nights. We all made fun of the songs in the books pointing out our favorites when lo and behold I was elected to go sign up to sing. Nervously I jammed out the The All American Rejects "Dirty little secret". Zach cheered and tried to take a video with his phone. He didn't realize that phones only take 30 second videos and my show was a wee bit longer than that. Too bad:) It was fun but next time I'll sing a song by a female vocalist.