Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why are things cuter when they are tiny??

I'm going to come out and say it....I'm baby hungry. It's no surprise seeing as my 'baby' is quite the little man now. Mix my baby hunger and my need to craft and you get.....

I know the chances of my having a girl are 50/50 but I've always wanted to try my hand at making some cute little shoes for one:) If my next is a boy I can always gift these to a deserving mother.

They aren't perfect but cute nonetheless. I'm making another pair tonight using all I learned the first time. I think they need a matching dress too...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Peach Trees

We have quite a bit of space in our backyard and decided a long time ago we wanted to plant some fruit trees near the fence. We have both felt the pull to be a little more self sustainable with the garden and the fruit trees just added to the idea.

Zach found a great deal on fruit trees at Vineyard Garden Center in Orem that we just could'nt pass up. We've definitely fallen in love with this nursery. Everyone was so eager to help us as we embark on a new growing journey and they tried hard to make sure we had what we needed to succeed.

Canyon loved the animals. They had a lazy kitten, guinea pigs and a bunny just a hoppin around. Canyon especially loved the "piggies". On our way out he told them to 'come on home' with him.

I wish I would've gotten a picture of the ride home. Have you ever seen someone fit 3 five foot trees into a civic? We did. I still vote we get an SUV but I think Zach is enjoying testing the carrying capacity of our little cars (I think a post on the crazy things we've hauled in/on our civic is in order).

Digging the holes was the worst most rewarding part. By rewarding I mean we got a lot out of it including sore muscles, blisters and lots and lots of sweat. Meanwhile Canyon played in the kiddie pool. That was rewarding as well, he gleaned two bee stings by the end of the day:(

Canyon was pretty cuddly after the stings so he sat with me while Zach finished planting the trees.

Can you guess what he's saying? Yup...'CHEEESE!"

Another 'cheese' smile.

Canyon and I decided to name the trees. We thought they looked like the tree version of the chipmunks so here they are; Alvin, Theodore and Simon. Three new members of our family. 

A little vacation time

Going full time in school during the summer doesn't really lend one to much vacation time. We decided after finals we'd take a drive down and spend some time with my family in Flagstaff. Zach hasn't really ever been to Flag in the summer and I really wanted him to see how truly amazing the place is. We loaded down our little civic with bikes and all and headed down late Thursday night. 

Friday morning Grandma and Grandpa Clement came down to see their great grandbaby:) The boys took the boys to Peter Piper while Mom, Grandma and I went to Little Thai Kitchen (an absolute favorite of mine). It was Grandma's first time and she liked it! YES! We decided a day with Grandma wouldn't be complete without a trip digging through the racks at Ross. It's amazing how much better Ross is outside of Utah:) We found some pretty great things and really just enjoyed the time together. 

My cousin Brody came with the Gilbert clan and had fun with the B girl and C. 

 I think we ate more frozen lemonade popsicles that weekend than an army of kids could've. 

We hit the Flagstaff Urban trail system almost every night. The kiddos partied in the bike trailer while gramps sweated up the hills:)

 Yeah, we're rule breakers, what can we say?

We rode to the airport. They were getting this little guy ready for flight and Canyon was SO mad that we could go over and get on. He threw quite the two year old fit:)

The Sunset in Flagstaff had me trying to convince Zach to move, no such luck.

We played quite a bit of Settlers. We're a little too competitive for our own good, or at least I am.

 Canyon loved Bethanie's balance bike. We could hardly get him off it.

Just before we headed back home the kiddos hopped back on the bikes. It's always hard to leave. We have such a good time and enjoy their company so much we wish they were so much closer.

Canyon refused to say goodbye. I'm pretty sure he thought that if he didn't say goodbye we wouldn't leave. He asked for grandpa all the way home and still brings him up everyday. 

I love road trips with my boys. Canyon was quite the angel there and back and I enjoyed the long conversations with Zach. If only gas wasn't so pricey:)

Thanks to mi familia for being so hospitable and letting us crash with them. Someday it'll happen more often:)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I sure love mine, but sometimes he just cracks me up. Like the maxi I bought last week. When I showed it to him he asked if I wanted to look like a senorita:)

I whipped up this pillow yesterday to add to my couch makeover. Zach walked in last night and asked why we had a burlap sack on our front couch. Apparently you aren't supposed to decorate with burlap...It's ok, that's news to me too:)

What strange comments have the men in your life made on your efforts for fashion? I feel like Z is always commenting on things I think are helping me be more stylish...and they are usually not the kind of comments I'm looking for...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scenes from the splash pad

Cutie patootie is all I can say. These boys are my everything. love them! and the summer of course:)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not one to mind...

 I think I can safely say I'm laid back when it comes to doing without. I guess that only applies in certain situations...When we moved into our little house [that I'm still so in love with, I don't think I will fall out of love with this house] we found that our dishes came out dirtier than they went in. I didn't mind. We couldn't afford a new one and let's be honest, a dishwasher is a want, not a need.

I've been happily washing the dishes by hand since then. We've been watching the KSL classifieds to see if someone happened to want to sell a lightly used one cheap. No luck until today. Zach found one that was less than a year old, nice brand and listed for $250. He low balled the lady at $150 and she sold it to us for $175. On our way home I was looking it up online. New this dishwasher goes for $600 bucks. I'm sorry but we scored:)

Zach is putting the finishing touches to the installation right now and in a few minutes I'm going to run my first dishwasher cycle in a while...I'm a little giddy.

Not to complain but in the time it takes to hand wash the dishes everyday (sometimes twice a day) I could be playing a game of hide and seek with my son, making beds, doing laundry or mopping my floors...I'm pretty excited to have that little extra time on my hands.

I know this is an absolutely pathetic post...but I just can't get over the fact that we scored and things are going to get a tad easier.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Envelope pillows

I went to lunch with my super cute friend on Friday. She just moved here from Washington and let me tell you, she has the cutest apartment. She is always creating the CUTEST things. She's pretty artsy:) (you can see her blog here). After chatting I was inspired. Saturday was a slow but productive day at our house. I pulled out a leftover piece of creme fabric and threw together a quick pillow cover for a pillow in our front room.

The couch has 5 pillows that it came with. I'm not a fan of the print...

After. I painted an H on it and I love it. I decided to buy more fabric to cover the rest of the pillows. I think it needs more still but I think they definitely brighten up the room. Not perfect by any means but I think it's a good change:)

I'm going to paint another of the pillows with something big like a chandelier silhouette. We'll see. I can't decide what to paint. What do you think? Too bland?