Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hard Day

Yep, today was one of them. You know what I did? I said, "You may want to be hard but I'm gonna make you soft." You're probably thinking, "Bailee, That makes NO sense!" Nope it doesn't. That's what I did. I decided to make it a silly day and just have fun with the crazies that come with being a mom.

It's not hard any more. Just fun;)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where do you pee?

Probably in the toilet (or at least I hope so). You men are lucky enough to have a little bit of a broader answer to that but still, it's usually in the porcelain feature found in most bathrooms across America.

Today Canyon has peed in the cars toilet, the guest bedroom behind the pack'n'play and in the playroom (hint: the last two were accidents).

Toilets are common but to an almost-three-year-old they can be quite perplexing. Here's to all of us getting past this somewhat scary chapter in the Raising of Canyon Walker Hawkins book. I'm hoping it's a two-pager.

To convince C that wearing underwear is AWESOME we wore them on our heads as well as on his bum. Please excuse one of the worst pictures of me known to man, it's all for the cause. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First small project of the new year

Nothing is better than a hubbs that sees those girly "I-want-a-serger" posts on Facebook and delivers one for Christmas. Being intimidated by the complexity of my new homemaking treasure, I haven't even really touched it since getting it out of the box. Tonight I decided it was time to thread it and make a pillow to practice. After twenty minutes of threading (I did it!) it took a whole three to sew the pillow. I must say I drooled over the clean seams:) I'm in the slow process of decorating our master bedroom. Still in search for an affordable head board and bed linens, I thought this could be my inspiration piece.

I can't tell you how excited I am to do some more house projects with this baby. I have a whole list I want to get done before the summer! Here's to a year of getting more fit and enjoying the sweet hum of a new over-lock machine.