Monday, May 13, 2013

Yard Sales

I'm a little addicted. I get so excited when I can find brand new things for $.50.

Except when you forget that your child has an abnormally large head...

Looks like I need to buy one that would fit your average 5 year old. What a least the bike was only $3:)

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I'm no writer. I often find it hard to put my deep emotion into script but today I feel the need to simply say thank you to my mom.

I can admit I was ungrateful. As a teenager and even my early years after leaving home I didn't understand the commitment and love my mom had given me my entire life. It was when I heard the beating of my own son's heart through that amazing machine that I felt the connection. It wasn't just a connection to my baby boy but the connection of generations past. I was part of the chain.

I love you, Mom. You are my hero, and I'm so glad you put up with talking to me on the phone 5+ times a day since we hardly see each other any more. Thanks for coming to all my soccer games, softball games, volleyball games, orchestra recitals, young women's activities (probably not by choice;) and every other tiny insignificant events that I had going on. I'm sorry I didn't realize until I was far to far away how much you mean to me. I'm glad we have the rest of our lives to be best friends.


And I'm so glad that we have an eternal family:)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seasonal blues

I was trying super hard to keep depression out of the title. I'm pretty sure I want to keep things happy on here:) In all seriousness, anyone else feel like January and February and all that is cold can bring the blues? This year I really felt it. Yesterday shooed those blues out the window and welcomed the sunny and fun days that I live for.

I started the day off with one of my favorite 5k races, The Provo City Marathon, half-marathon and chase the mayor 5k. I know it's lame and only 3.1 miles but it's always a good start to my racing season. I really wanted to make it in under 30 minutes and I actually did it! While beating 30 minutes is far from reaching Olympic heights, it totally made my morning. Not to mention the cute boys who were there to cheer me on near the finish line.

Canyon was sad that he didn't have race numbers so to cheer him up we made him a little race bib. Oh and I guess the next race I do I'll have to push him along, he was SO mad he didn't get to run to the finish line. So we raced to the car, he won:)

 After showering and getting some things done at home, we all headed to the Springville Splash Pad. Zach helped with the design so we really wanted to see how it turned out. Canyon played for and hour and half and was pretty sad to leave (although he takes after me and takes a REALLY long time to warm up to the idea of water...)  It is such a cool little park. Go check it out.

After the splash pad we played around town and then headed up for some pretty extensive family pictures with Zach's entire family. We had fun and I can't wait to see how they all turned out. After pics the whole family gathered for games and dessert.

Saturday was really a great kickstart into summer. Warm and full of outdoor fun. I'm sort of wishing we lived somewhere where it stayed warm all the time...hmmm....Maybe in a few years;)