Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh July

I can't believe it's the last day of July. The Fall is my favorite but this summer has been nice too:) I'm sure going to miss all the fun we have as a family outside in the nice hot weather.

This weekend we spent a ton of time out at parks and lakes. Friday night we had a friends birthday party at our favorite park. I'm pretty sure all three of us were ecstatic to get some beautiful outside time. Happy 1st birthday, Kyson!

Saturday we went up the canyon to let Bruce swim in the river and enjoy some "cool" weather. Sometimes it's hard to have a dog in such confined spaces but I'm sure glad we have him. Canyon has a best pal, and Zach does to for that matter.

For your entertainment, here's why...
(this last one I call the "bum" collage. for some reason all I could really get were bums!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

18 months

He's 18 months old, a year and a half. It just sounds so big. It is so big. He walks and talks and surprises me every day. Where does the time go? If it keeps moving this fast, we'll have a missionary on our hands before I can catch my breath:)

The last 18 months have been awesome. I wouldn't change them for anything. Canyon is doing and saying so much it's unbelievable. Here's a little of what goes down in the Hawkins house these days...

-Words: Ball, Bruce, Mom, dad, Thank you ("dank du"), Kitty, Let's go, Get out, get off, stuck, eeewww, ouch, hot, water (this one is practically undistinguishable), Go, stop, Meow, Grrrr, and many other's I can't think of right now:)
-He loves to walk/run, especially outside. If we're inside getting things done we'll often find C sitting/standing by the door trying to reach the handle saying "OUT!" When we're getting in the car to go somewhere he runs down the sidewalk. He wants so bad to just go and not be strapped in. poor guy!
-Bruce is now a sibling to C. Sometimes C just loves him, giggling and playing with him non stop. Other times Bruce looking at C sets him off. He does know how to tell Bruce "Go Away!" I'm guessing they'll be the best of buds.
-He has now reached a new level of cuddles. Every morning he wants to cuddle with me. Nothing can happen between him waking up and our morning cuddle. I have even started to get up extra early on the mornings we have to be somewhere so I can be all ready when he wakes up, you know, so I don't interrupt our cuddle time. I'm not complaining one bit about this stage. I love it.
-Canyon loves the pool. Even more than the pool, a pool with daddy and a ball. The ball is a whole separate love in and of itself.

There are so many other fun things he's doing now! I sure love this age!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey Hey good lookin!

Canyon was sure lookin dapper for church yesterday. He was trying to avoid the paparazzi but I got a couple of good ones anyway!

Doctor C

I found Canyon and Zach playing with my stethoscope a day or two ago and I could believe how much fun they were having. I think I'd be perfectly fine with him being a doctor... :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just keep runnin'

I finished my 2nd 10k this morning and boy howdy it felt good. I beat my last time of 1 hour 6 minutes with a 1 hour 1 minute time! I was hoping to come in around 55 minutes but the first mile was the most treacherous mile I've ever endured. The hill was so steep I think even my car would've had a hard time. That first mile took too long and I spent the rest of the race trying to get back to the 55 minute pacer, to no avail. Even with the killer hill they called Goliath, a new PR was set and I'm a happy camper. I am not proud of any of these pictures but memories are memories and I hate it when I have no pictures to help me remember.
That half marathon is coming up fast, hopefully I'll be ready!

Sensory Overload

About 3 weeks ago I started a 2 week CNA class to get my certification. My mom and B were nice enough to come out and stay for two weeks to play with Canyon (no work = no money for day care) we had a lot of fun but one of my favorite things we did was head up to Salt Lake and take the kiddos to Discovery Gateway. It was perfect timing for my walking little monster. I took hundreds of pictures but few turned out, I just couldn't get them to stop moving! They loved the whole place and I can't wait to go back!
Bethanie especially enjoyed the kitchen and the little market where she could play on the cash register (I'm sure she'll hate those things when she turns 16 and gets a job).
Canyon's favorite was the "BAAAA" aka balls. They had all these plastic balls and a million things you could do with them. Every time we tried to move on to a new area he'd just turn around and start waddling back to the "BAAA".

Thanks to my awesome mom for coming and living in our crazy little home and putting up with dog hair...We love you and appreciate all you do!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It seems to be the theme this summer. That and "behind".

So sixteen days late, full coverage of our 4th of July weekend.
Friday, Canyon and I got to spend the afternoon with the Davies family at the Lindon pool....loved it! The slides were just perfect for our little munchkins (with us going down too of course). I think Canyon's favorite was the lazy river.
Saturday, Zach and I had our own little BBQ and bought a few aerial fireworks to test out. (Now legal in Utah. I wonder if it's going to last:) Canyon loved the fireworks and was the only one to come home unscathed by the millions of feasting mosquitoes.

The morning of the 4th, I ran my first 10k in 66 minutes. Not quite my goal but I have another one on the 23rd and hopefully I'll hit my goal in that race!

That afternoon and evening we spent at Zach's grandparents. It was fun to play games and just relax. Canyon enjoyed playing with the uncles too!