Monday, April 30, 2012

A change someone was getting me ready for

Warning...this is long and a little weird.... It's true. I also like cloudy days. Nothing to do with this post but I thought maybe you needed more verification as to how strange I am:)

 Anyway, back to change. I like to move, eat at new places, and drive on roads yet to be discovered by my tires. One night in the car Zach realized just how much I liked change. "just don't decide to change husbands," was his reply. No worries there. He's stuck.

 Since moving we've felt the cramped in our two little sedans, not to mention the strain of driving 11 extra miles each way everyday. Zach started carpooling and I couldn't help but think we needed something a little bigger. Hmmm....interesting. Neither of us have been willing to start paying car payments again so we quickly pushed thoughts of new cars out of our minds.

 Today I got home from donating plasma, put c down for a nap and had a very distinct impression to clean out my car. I only half heeded it by getting some of C's toys out and cleaning up the trash. Vacuuming wasn't an option since the garage is being occupied by a project(another post for later this week).

 There is a point to all this blubbering, I promise.

 Zach and I were getting ready to head out for dinner reservations when our doorbell....buzzed. A young boy and his dad wanted to pay us cash for my accord. The car has been in my family for a while and Their original offer was ridiculously too low.(did I mention we weren't even trying to sell the car?) I said no and wished them a safe drive to Ogden. A few moments later another knock came. They wanted to look at the car. Another offer made and again too low. I sat inside, trying my hardest to get ahold of my dad. Some may say he is the dealer of all dealers when it comes to buying and selling cars (as well as just about anything). I couldn't reach him so I started doing a little research and decided on an amount that I would not budge on. Honestly, the car was getting old. It was missing a side view mirror, the check engine light was on and while turning you could hear a knocking sound. The last offer made was that of the lowest amount we would sell it for. I didn't really want to sell the car, what we could get out of it wouldn't be near enough to find another reliable car. We got the nudge and sold her.

 This was a change I was not quite ready for. We have always had two cars, amazingly enough, we are in a spot where we could do with just one. What a blessing. We've decided to take the money and stash it. We'll slowly add to it until we can afford a nice, reliable car. Until then, we are going to save money on gas and work to live a little more within our means. Who knows how much longer that sweet Honda accord had left to live and I think getting what we got out of her still running was better than nothing when she died. Here's to change and having the trust in our heavenly father that it'll work they way he wants it to. The one thing I dread is talking to my dad:) he's an amazing haggler and I'm afraid he'll think I did something stupid, here's to being an adult!

Monday, April 9, 2012

What a fun way to celebrate!

Having my family here for Easter was so fun! Saturday morning we went to the Spanish Fork Easter egg hunt with about 400 fellow egg hunters. In true Utah style, we hunted in 6in of snow.
By the end the kids were freezing but we had to stay and open the eggs to see if we had won any of the big prizes. We hit the jackpot with not one, not two but FIVE free kids meals at Chuck-A-Rama. Oh the glory....
Oops...A little too much sun in the face.
Sunday morning you could really feel the spirit of Easter. Although candy was a plenty, it was fun to talk to the kids about Jesus and his sacrifice. I'm grateful for my Redeemer and the gospel here on earth that helps me better understand the atonement.

What do you think?

Thursday afternoon the Russell clan drove into our Spanish Fork driveway and we embarked on quite the project.

Remember these? Yeah, most of you liked them but you didn't see them up close....they were terribly done and honestly...the green was a bit...funny.
So a bit of sanding and painting.
I promise the women were working too:)
See...we're working!

TaDA! I know you can't see the details but I promise they just get better the closer you get. I'm head over heels in love with the way they turned out. What do you think?

PS. What do you think of the curtain above the sink? I need a little input. For argument sake of course:)