Monday, June 28, 2010

To dive or not to dive? What do you think?

I love boutiques. Rachel and I can't help but go as often as our busy schedules will permit. In the past year or so I've taken to doing crafts and I thoroughly enjoy it. A talent I inherited from my mother no doubt. A few projects have become something I do often as gifts and such. As Rachel and I browse boutiques I find we always start talking about how I should try out being a vendor.

I've been toying with the idea but I keep pausing to let my insecurities take over. I want so bad to make something of myself but is what I have to offer worth selling? Would something made by Bailee really brighten someone's day or is it merely a dream?

Zach agrees with Rachel, he fully supports me in building a product line and testing it out at several boutiques here in Utah county.

So with the support of my husband should I take the dive? Bite the bullet? Do whatever crazy thing necessary to make a little part of my dreams come true, or should I just be satisfied with giving gifts?

Friday, June 25, 2010


Bear with me, this is going to be a smörgåsbord post.

Last week, Zach and I stopped to get him some In and Out. I wasn't really in the mood for a hamburger or fries...but I really wanted a shake. The line in the drive-thru was ridiculously long so they had someone out taking orders. She stopped at our window and Zach ordered I then proceeded to ask if they had malts as well as shakes. Her reply went a little like this "You know people keep asking me if that stuff is in our shakes but I have no idea what it even is...they taste like ice cream though." Oh!!! That's what milk shakes taste like...I was having a hard time describing it...

On a not so fun note, Flagstaff, in all it's glory, is on fire...literally.

I was informed yesterday that one of the many fires is heading through one of my favorite spots, Locket Meadows. It's sad to think that it'll be a hundred years before that spot looks as beautiful as it does in my memories. I guess I'll make sure to write the location in a journal so my grandkids can go enjoy it. This is one of those years everyone is wishing for the monsoon season to arrive a little prematurely to help out the hundreds of firefighters. I'm praying for this little has a little piece of my heart.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My daddy

So I was going to write down all things my life would be missing if my dad wasn't a part of it...but that would take an eternity. I love my dad. I always have and that love grows with each passing year. To be honest...I can't really find the words to explain how much he means to me.There have been countless of moments where my dad has done every thing and more for me...but there was one that I couldn't get out of my head today. In November, when I was hospitalized with a 14 inch blood clot in the major vein of my left leg, I was scared. My dad had flown into Salt Lake the night they hospitalized me and came to the hospital to check in. I was in Labor & Delivery so they could closely monitor Canyon through the trauma and honestly I had never been so sick to my stomach with worry. Zach was taking 18 credits and working full time. I didn't want him to have to stay at the hospital that night and miss class or be tired at work. We needed the money. My dad volunteered to stay the night with me. I know he didn't get a lick of sleep. Nurses came into that tiny room almost every two hours and would turn every light on to take blood, give me pain killers and check levels. My sweet dad would just smile and lay his head back like it was no big deal. I don't think he knows how much him staying meant to me. With doctors unsure of what would happen, I had my dad there to give me a priesthood blessing and to talk to. Thanks, daddy.

As I've started my own family, I've found that people mean more and more to me. I can't express my gratitude for all of those I love, including my husband; the "second" daddy in my life. He is the most amazing father to C and I am surprised each and every day by his love and compassion. Thanks, are great at everything you do and we love you so so so much.
I hope you had a great father's day and took the time to appreciate the little things in life that make it worth while. I sure found a reason to look at the spiritually strong men in my life and be thankful.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My severe lack of apparent sophistication

What comes to mind when someone starts talk about gourmet chocolate? Rich, decadently smooth heaven? Yeah, me too. So, naturally, as I read about a new gourmet chocolate shop in town, I had to try it. Zach and I stopped by to check it out yesterday and I'll be honest, I'm not sophisticated enough for gourmet.

The little shop opened adjacent to their factory in Orem. I was impressed with the atmosphere they pulled off and adored the hanging art. We walked in just in time for the taste testing/tour of the chocolates. We tasted the white chocolate and it was just as creamy and smooth as you could imagine...if only I liked white chocolate. He then had us tasting something like a truffle but not...We tasted all and the woman next to us liked it so much she was nearly dying and on her way to heaven. Zach turned to me to see if I wanted to purchase some and after looking at the prices I lead the way out the door.

The minute we got in the car Zach started to laugh at me! I guess he had seen through my carefully made mask and noticed I was on the verge of illness with every bite. I know it wasn't the quality, and I would recommend the shop to anyone who knows chocolate.I think the reason for my distaste was the samples were all dark chocolate. I've never been the dark chocolate connoisseur and I guess the higher quality doesn't change my taste for it.

As much as I would like to sit in a fancy hall in a nice dress and discuss the difference between Madagascar cocoa beans and those from Bali, I don't think that will happen until my taste buds take on the transformation of the century.

So for now I'll happily stick with my unsophisticated peanut butter twix.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New Me...

I have found a new side of myself that may hide again as quickly as it appeared...but I sure hope not. My love for mild temperatures is temporarily being suppressed by a somewhat intense love for the current heat. Yes, my dear friends, the girl who gets headaches from the sun has been enjoying the new sweltering temps of 98 degrees. Not that hot you say...for me...that's bakin'. Bring on the 100's.

I will admit I still enjoy the occasional dark ominous cloud, thunder storm and rain. Nothing beats that sweet smell but boy howdy the heat just tickles my fancy.

Now if I could just dig a little deeper and find the piece of me that enjoys lasagna...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm ridiculous.

Zach would agree. Why on earth can I not stand scary/suspenseful movies. Seriously...Zach just started The Stepfather and not even 5 minutes in and I have to walk away. It makes me sick to my stomach. If I can hold out till the end I'm usually ok...when everything is resolved but even then I go to bed feeling....ick. I wish I could watch em...but I can't. Poor Zach..

Then again chick flicks make him sick so I think we're even.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Foul balls and a 5k

My weekend....well it was GREAT! My family came up to spend it with us...they brought their own bed and everything. Really they were just giving us their unwanted futon and desk (which we are so grateful for by the way). They came up Friday afternoon...and at about 8pm we all headed to our Recreation Softball game.
This is where the magic happened.

Now to be perfectly honest I have been so nervous at these games. I'm just not as good at things as I had been before I had the baby. I begged our coach Chris Hall to put me in the most inconsequential position in slow pitch softball...the CATCHER. The game had been gong decently well and the other team was up to bat. The first hitter nicked the ball and sent it straight up in the air as a foul. I attempted to catch and fell into my glove.

I was pretty giddy.

The next batter took a swing at it and hit it foul again and...

PLOP...right into my glove. again...I was pretty ecstatic.

The third batter stepped to the plate.
***in my head: your luck is about to end one does that well in rec ball without paying high costs.

I was ready for a black eye or broken finger....

but instead I caught the third foul ball.

It may not sound as cool now but heck...I felt like a million bucks.
Too bad Gary Coleman died that night. Kinda stole the thunder there, Gary. That's ok...we'll miss him.

Saturday morning my mom and I hit the pavement as we ran in the Memorial Day 5k. I had to convince my mom to do it and in the end I think she was glad she did. She won first in her age group...let's be honest...SHE ROCKED!

The rest of the weekend was just great and on Monday the gals and the guys went separate ways. My mom and I watched the kiddos while our hubby's went to see Prince of Persia. Then, the hubby's took the kids home so we could do the shopping that Bethanie would not allow:)

All in all we wish my family would hours due north of their current location but for now we'll have to just get by on weekend visits. We sure love you, Russell Family. Thanks for all you do!

How was your memorial day weekend?