Monday, August 22, 2011

Zach called it...

We got Bruce when he was 8 weeks old back in 2009. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant with C (this story is funny...I think). I wasn't sure I was ready to raise a puppy AND a little man. After Bruce's "man surgery" he had some issues with potty training and would poop all over the apartment. I tell you what...looking back it seems that's all I ever did...clean up poop. One day I was complaining to Zach about it and he asked me what I thought it was going to be like having kids.

I obviously told him that at least I wouldn't be cleaning their poop out of my carpet. He laughed at me.

This afternoon Zach dropped C off at my office on his way to work and I asked him how their morning had gone. And I quote, "Great, except for when I went to check on C playing in his room he had taken off his pants AND his diaper and pooped all over the carpet."


The best part, it happened while Zach was with him. I'm pretty sure that it was supposed to happen while I was home.

Man I love my boys...even the Bruce kind.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I have this friend...

...her name is McKenzie and she's pretty awesome. The end.

oh and thanks for the run!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Summer Vacation

With Zach working 2 jobs and going to school full time this summer, we haven't had a whole lot of "vacation" time. Our good friends invited us to a family cabin about an hour away and we couldn't say no! It was the perfect weekend getaway and the Davies family was so awesome! We really enjoyed spending time away from cell phone reception and the internet.

We arrived at the cabin around 6pm on Friday, ate some yummy tin foil dinners and stayed up late playing games and eating [too much] sugar. Saturday we went boating out on the near by lake. I love to wake board but my arm strength must be failing me because I couldn't get up! (embarrassing I know) Zach got up long enough to ride some choppy water. Kenz and I enjoyed a little tubing. Even Adi tried the tube, although I don't know if she enjoyed it all that much.
And then there was Canyon, the lone sleeper on the boat. He liked a little shade and a soft towel.
A big thanks to the Davies family for letting us come. We love living near you guys and have such a good time with you! Thanks for an awesome [and affordable] summer vacation.

dare devil

Ok, so the tug boats at Lagoon probably don't qualify as dare devilish but for an 18 month...I think it sort of counts.

Canyon screamed like all the other kids his age (and some older) but unlike the other kids, Canyon was screaming when I was taking him OFF the rides. Needless to say, this little man is a lot like his mommy, loving the roller coasters!

We were able to spend the day at Lagoon with my family. It was so fun to have a lot of my extended family there too. As you can see, it was pretty exhausting!

The wedding!

My adorable cousin Ashlee got married about a week ago. It was exciting to be in the temple with Zach and remember the wonderful things that had happened on our own wedding day. Between the early temple ceremony, the luncheon, sewing baby quilts and the reception there wasn't much down time. I do want to say thanks to the people [mom] who made my wedding day stress free, I guess I didn't realize how much effort comes from people other than the bride/groom to make it all happen.

Ash and Jordan's reception was beautiful, my Aunt Heather did a fantastic job. I wish I could've enjoyed the atmosphere a little more but the little man who didn't get a nap was grouchy and wanted to play outside.

The kiddos waiting [patiently] outside the temple

Our little eternal family!

The happy couple! Congrats Ashlee and Jordan! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day. We love you and wish you the best.
-the Hawkins

Friday, August 12, 2011

And we're off...

...on our first and last weekend away for the summer. We'll be back Sunday afternoon but as for now the lake is waiting for us!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A wee bit emotional

I love change, it's great really, but lately I'm having a hard time with it. Last week Rachel left on an LDS mission. In two weeks, Jess is moving to Texas and then heading out on her mission. I love these girls and I'm having a hard time letting two of my favorite people go. Boy howdy I need to toughen up!

Want more emotion?

I was driving through a neighborhood on my way to work this morning and this sweet old man was taking a stroll. He was wearing a WWII vet. cap and a Nauvoo t-shirt under his suspenders. He had the sweetest grin on his face as he wiped his brow with the only arm he had left. I couldn't hold it in. I am so grateful for the service that brave men gave and are still living with everyday. Have I ever sacrificed something so dear to me for someone else? Not like that.

So, If you are uncomfortable around tears you may want to steer clear of our house for a time...I can't help it! (Zach you are not included, you get to come home either way;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A mini tribute

I am a lucky, lucky person. I say this for many reasons but mainly because of all the amazing people I have in my life. I want to do a little mini tribute to my sweet husband.

He is just...I can't even explain it. Patient. I am not always the best wife, mother or best friend but some how he's still patient and kind to me.

The man is working two jobs and going to school full time and has not had one vacation this summer. He is a trooper. I wish I had the money to send us off on a little vacation far away from Utah, but that'll have to wait.

This is going to be a picture-full post so enjoy!

This is the first picture Zach and I were ever in together. That night we went laser tagging and he was such a cutie. I loved how competitive he was!

Zach loves to play. Especially when his friends are around. Whether it's softball, soccer, basketball or golf, he'll play and play. I think some of my favorite times have been 6 months pregnant playing coed softball with my sweetie! We really need to get a new team together since almost all of the couples on our previous team moved away!

Zach is fantastic at planning. He makes sure that everything is timed right and it's place. The above picture is the two of us in Mazatlan, Mexico. He took me on a cruise for our 2nd anniversary and it was just so perfect! said

Yes people, we have a Ute fan on our hands! (and secretly I love it!)

I can't talk about Zach without mentioning his 2nd best pal (canyon being the 1st). Zach takes such good care of us all, especially Bruce. He makes sure Bruce is happy and healthy and well exercised!

Z, I love your guts!

Despite the Craziness

I have been a space cadet this summer. I write EVERYTHING down on a calendar and still I forget things. Yesterday I forgot to put my temple bag in my car so I could head up after work. So C and I drove all the way home, ran in real fast and drove back up to Highland. With my newest favorite construction closures, it took 1.5 hours. ick. I was so stressed that I was going to miss the session that my family was attending I was shaking. I got to the temple got changed and to the chapel in time. I sat down and took a deep breath and a wave of peace came over me.

Sometimes temple sessions can seem so long, especially after a long day of work and job interviews, but last night was different. Although I wanted to be spending time with my sweet husband (who couldn't make it) and sicky poo canyon, the session flew by. I know I needed to be there. Not only for my family but honestly...for me!

What a blessing to have one so close, and despite all the craziness, so comforting. I can't wait to go with Zach in the next few weeks. There are few things I love more than going to the temple with Zach. I don't think I've told him that recently but I sure hope he knows.
(This was taken when Zach and I got married. I want to get this printed and framed for our home so badly!)


When I look back at my years in junior high and high school I always think of myself as a tiny, awesome person (it's really just a perception of the younger "pre baby" me). I know it's not all true but the rude awakening hit in the form a picture posted on facebook this morning.

I was awkward...
really really awkward.

I hope I'm not now:)
(yes that is pink fuzz...I was going for Legally blonde...)

Lucky for me I had a group of totally awesome friends that liked me for my....(hmmm I wonder why they liked me:). I never felt alone and I'm glad that's extended to my adult life.

(can Riley Monson please bring back ... extreme Thursdays...correct me if I'm wrong but those were the best!!)

Now if you don't mind I need to go un-tuck my white shirt from my [too] high waisted jeans.

Monday, August 1, 2011

a story of a lack of motivation

I know you don't want to read this but I'm writing it any way.

I've had this icky problem with a lack of motivation lately. I hopped on a scale last night...and it was an ugly ordeal. I'm not one to care TOO much about the weight but the fact is...I haven't been doing my part. I've been tired and lazy and it's starting to show.

Last night Zach and I plotted. I don't like feeling icky about myself and I was ready to kick it into gear. So, my handsome personal trainer got me out a dry erase marker and we started writing away on the mirror; goals, schedules, menus, you name it we wrote it. I was feeling better but still a know....grrrrrr.

Well today has been my first day of "starting the habit". My goal is at least a 1 hour workout 5 times a week. Seeing as we are busy and there aren't many sidewalks around us, we decided I better go before he heads to work at 6 every morning.

I got up this morning at 4:40am and got to the gym at 5. I ran 3.2 miles and did some resistance training. It felt great and I'm only a little tired.

15'll be gone before I can say marathon!

Sorry for the "self image" yada yada yada post. I hate writing them. I only do in attempts to make me that much more accountable. If you did end up reading this, thanks. You are helping out so much!

I think each week I'm going to post a little about the progress. Pictures throughout the week in hopes that'll keep me going. Here's to a better, happier, more disciplined, toned ME!!