Monday, March 30, 2009

Married Woman at good ol' FHE

So the first work trip that took Zach away I got a little lonely. Rachel invited me to come rejoin the old FHE group that had completely morphed and now contained very few persons whom I knew. The real draw for me was the activity...Finger Painting baby!!! Working at a school you realize the wonders of finger painting. Here are our masterpieces.

Rex Lee Run Back on March 14:)

I started a new tradition last year...the day after I met Zachari. It's definitely one of my favorite. The Rex Lee Run is a 5k (or a 10k if you have a more intense passion for running) and it was set up to support cancer research. There are so many participants it's not even funny. To allow everyone the chance to laugh I'll tell you what place I got in my age group. Drum roll please.............236 out of 467...I know...I'm pretty average. Zach wasn't able to make it and I couldn't find the digital camera, so we picked up the old school disposable and snapped some shots. Enjoy our goofiness:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Festival of Colors

Every year in Spanish Fork, UT there is this thing called the festival of colors and thousands of people attend. I have no idea all the meanings behind it but the girls decided to go. So Rachel, Ashley, Meredith and I went down to enjoy the party. At about 5:20 pm everyone on the grass hill near the Hare Krishna temple flings colored chalk/flour in the air and cover the participants. It was packed and totally wicked. This has become a yearly tradition for me!! Here are a couple of the pictures we took on the cell phone and disposable camera...I kind of look like a monster but was a blast. WELCOME SPRING!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The travels continue...

Zach called tonight from his hotel in Reno and let me know that work is sending him to St. Louis, Missouri, Monday March 23. This is definitely exciting, we know he has a job:), but it's also been one of the biggest trials I've faced, ever. It's amazing how much you miss that person who you used to spend every spare moment with. I guess I'll just have to dive deeper into my studies and find a couple new hobbies. If anyone could educate me on my sewing machine it would be much appreciated so I can start a project that I've wanted to do for so long. Well, Thanks to all who have opened their homes to me as Zach has been away. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11-20...He's gone:(

Yesterday, Zach's boss asked him to head down and work with a crew in Tahoe, NV. He left today and won't be back until March 20th. Oh, I already miss him. As I go on with my normal life Zach is staying in a hotel in Reno, you may have heard of it, Circus Circus:) Lucky boy. Although he'll be missing my birthday, this trip is a good oppurtunity for him and we are both thanking our lucky stars that he has a job. It's crazy being apart for the first time since we've been married but man, I love him that much more! Thanks to all who are so loving and supportive, we love you!!!
PS here's a picture of Circus Circus I found online:) muahahaha

Zach left today after I had gone to work. The sweet man he is he left a dozen roses and notes all over the house. Every time I move something, open a drawer or peek in the fridge I find a new one. I can't help but feel like things don't get much better than this.