Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's play Catch up! Baby Blessing

I have been so awful the last few weeks when it comes to blogging. I have the same excuse as every other infrequent blogger....I'm so busy!!! Well at least I have been. We've had quite a few special occassions this month and I just slacked off!!
The first special occassion was Canyon's blessing! He was blessed on Sunday March 7th in the Country Springs Branch. Both Zach and I have wonderful family, so many came out to support that they tripled the size of our branch and we had to have the luncheon in a cultural hall to hold them! Even my parents and Grandparents from Arizona came up for the weekend to celebrate! Zach did such an amazing job with the blessing...I'm so grateful he is such a great dad and worthy priesthood holder. Canyon and Zach with Grandma and Grandpa Stailey...he made them Great Grandparents!Canyon's Great Grandma and Granpa Clement...I love that my grandpa is goofing off!! The picture that was taken just after this one, my grandma is scowling at him for messing around. I sure love them and I'm glad they made the trip!
My Aunt Danica was dying to hold Canyon and at the blessing she finally got to!!! She has four little boys of her own...Wonder Woman!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

8 week Well Check

Canyon: 12 lbs 0.5 oz 22.5 in...

percentile in weight...64.03

ME (to Canyon): Wow you're a shorty
DOC: How tall is your husband?
ME: 5'6"
DOC: How tall are you?
(as if he couldn't tell)
ME: 5'2"
DOC: What did you want?

I think he was trying to say that Canyon's genetics are not going to go along with my 6' tall wishes for him....shucks.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

21st Birthday

No it didn't include alcohol, gambling or pornography...but it was still pretty fun:) Zach seemed to have caught the "ima-good-hubby" illness from someone and made the day a little too perfect.
After I finished fussing over my hair and Canyon's outfit, the camera revealed itself...thanks to the hubby....documentation.
Here's the play by play...
lucky you.
The day "started" off with a cheesy smile at Einstien's Bagels. Mother- I'm sure you remember this smile from days past...I thought I should treat you to a walk down memory lane.

Upon returning to the car, Zach pointed out that my birthday gift had been hiding away in the jockey box all along..silly me. What was inside you ask...a nike + ipod. The latest acessory for your ipod nano to track your workout. I've been pining after one since my mother was sporting the look:)

Zach started to He parked in front of Sports Authority...dangerous I know. After trying on every pair of Nike Running shoes availbe to a female with foot size 7.5, I found my pair. I don't remember the exact model name but it had something to do with Pegasus..Sure...make me run like a flying fictional character.

Not shown in available photos are my beautifully pedicured feet. After buying lovely running shoes to aid in the many goals I have set for myself, Zach dropped me off at Lindon's newest shoe boutique and pedicure spa, The Clique.
(all shoes under $25...or so I found out as I flipped them over in search of price tags)

That evening we enjoyed dinner with Zach's family and they ended up putting the ridiculously awesome purple birthday head-dress on my cabeza and singing the socially accepted birthday chant. Gee.

As if all that wasn't enough...Saturday (the day after) Zach suprised me with dinner at Zupas. Soup, Salad and sandwiches...what could make life better?? Well, some of my closest friends being there to suprise me as well!! After we enjoyed our meals, everyone came back to our humble abode and the women proceeded to kick trash in a game of Mad Gab. It was the best game night we've had in a while...but I'm a little partial to winning;)

It really was a wonderful I wonder how Zach's will go???

Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Just to see you SMILE, I'd do ANYTHING that you wanted me to. When all is SAID and DONE, I'd never count the COST, it's WORTH all that's lost. Just to see YOU smile."

Tim McGraw may have been talkin about a woman but I couldn't help but think of this when Canyon started smiling this weekend. Gassy smiles are a thing of the past, he's now smiling in response to us!!! Now let's face the facts, it takes a lot of bribing, oohing, ahhing, cooing, repitition and a certain high pitch voice that may make the average adults ears bleed, but it's worth that grin! He really is genetically engineered to melt our hearts, it happens a little too often:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lamb Lady Luncheon

Canyon and I headed down to Arizona this weekend to enjoy the company of the Lamb Ladies. He was the BEST traveler! Better than I am at least:)
Bea and I had a lot of fun just being sisters.

This year's Lamb Lady Luncheon was a big celebration of my Great Grandmother's life and legacy. Lots of tears...a gene that continues in the lamb family!

Canyon was the stud of the party, he was passed from lady to lady and he had a blast...sleeping!

My family threw an awesome "diaper" party for Canyon and I. Needless to say we have enough diapers for a while!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Unfortunately, Canyon was predisposed to an addiction. I've been binki sober for nearly 17 years now. We've decided to let this run it's course, who would want to stop the cutest addiction in the world?