Sunday, December 7, 2008

Less than a WEEK!!!

So, We officially have less than a week till we tie the knot! I'm sure you all understand but for my sake...I'M SO EXCITED! I think Zach is too;) For the most part everything is done and taken care of, just a few little straggler things to finish. We just have to make it through the school/work week and we're off for a good month or so. Hope we see everyone there and thanks for everyone's help!


tammy lu said...

YAY!!!! I am so excited too! Congratulations to you both!!!! And welcome to the family!

The Graham Crackers said...

Oh I'm sure you can't wait. That's soo exciting! Enjoy every minute cause it goes by fast! Nothing new with us really, same ole, same ole. Wyatt's still the only grandkid, so hopefully Sammy & Heath will get their butts in gear here pretty soon! :) Have fun! ;)