Monday, February 2, 2009

The joys of Valentine's Day

So, Zach recently told me that he loathed Valentine's Day. Now, It's not my favorite day of the year but being completely honest, it's kind of fun for me. I was sorta looking forward to the holiday this year now that we're married and I can spend it with the man of my dreams. So what shall I do? The girls at work all talk about the Bed and Breakfast's they are staying at for the weekend or the packages they're mailing to missionaries, and I am stumped. What do you do with a hubby who ignores the day completely. So I have a few surprises planned. They aren't Valentine's specific but hopefully they'll get it across that it's not such a bad day after all. If anyone has suggestions let me know. I want to make it a day for him to remember!
Love Bailee


Brittany said...

just thought you should know, we have pretty much the EXACT same page. like down to the pic and everything! :) it just means we have good taste!
we should get together sometime for dinner or something :)

tammy lu said...

I think that you should do something everyday the rest of the week. A special dinner. Watching his favorite movie. Give him his favorite candy bar and drink. Just little things that lead up to a special day. Just an idea! Good luck!