Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

The first man I wrote a poem about, the man who took me too father's and sons and called me Bob, my hero.....guess who? My Dad!!! I have a truly great dad and sad story, he's in Delaware and I didn't call him in time to talk to him today. So I wanted to write a special post just for him.

Dad, I love you. You have always supported me in my decisions and helped me deal with the consequences. You are an amazing man. You always brought the spirit into our home and never acted in anger, always in love. You mean the world to me. From buying me too many shoes when I was little to helping me set up my first apartment, you have been there for me. You have taught me to work hard by your example and I want to be just like you. I hope I already show traits you have given me but I will always keep trying to be just like my hero, my dad, you. I'm sorry I didn't call, I'll try again soon. Mom will bring you the card I made. Love your first little girl!

Here are a few fun pics for the rest of you to enjoy!!


Danica said...

I think you have a pretty amazing Dad too. He is honestly one of the best people I know!

Kevin and Jess said...

It may just be my hormones, but this post just about made me cry. Daddy daughter relationships are the best!

Jen Olson Brown said...

Hey-you didn't know me but I knew your dad from old Mesa, AZ days. I lived next door to the Russells (he would know me as Jenny Olson) when i was a tyke and I am still best friends with Danica! What a great tribute to a great man! You are looking great lady!