Friday, September 4, 2009

Premature Goodbyes

Yesterday I said my farewells to the five month mystery and today I'm looking into the face of 4 more days of such. We went to the OB and what she had failed to tell me last month was that in this month's appointment we would be "scheduling the fetal survey ultrasound". My hearing must've failed me again. Miraculously, we finished the appointment with smiles on our faces and not a trace of disappointment....until we left the building. Four days seems like a year away but I have a nice weekend in between now and then, I don't HAVE to think about much else. Tuesday 10am....I'll be there...not square... but maybe a little round:)


Kadi said...

Wow! What a letdown! I'm so sorry. BTW, I didn't find out the gender of my last two until the birth day. The surprise made the misery of labor and delivery seem so much more bearable. Although I do think it's good to know the gender of your first baby so you can be properly prepared! AND the baby shower will be way more fun! Love ya. Hope you find distraction over the weekend!

Mindy Stailey said...

I know! I was so excited and then so bummed to get your email. I can't wait until Tuesday either! O I am dying! I am not one that can wait to find out until I have the baby. That would kill me. Take a loooooong nap. That will make the time go by a little faster.