Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love pumpkin carving but was hesitant to suggest it this year. Zach and I were on our way to take some things back to Petco yesterday and we saw a gianormous pile of pumpkins. Much to my delight Zach giggled like a little school girl and we went to pick some out (ok he didn't giggle like a little school girl....but it was his idea:) At seventeen cents per pound, it made it quite difficult to decide which were to be our victims this year. Zach ended up with a 29.99 lb monster and I ended up with two smaller white and one orange. We came home and carved away. Oh how a little digging, scraping and sawing can make stress leave a little apartment. My pumpkin, aka the great swiss, was pretty simple but differnt from anything I've ever done more faces for me:) Zach's was an artistic master piece, skull with flames (a little too scary for me if I do say so myself:). They are neatly displayed on our breezeway where nearly no one will view them but ourselves....we like to enjoy our own artwork:)