Monday, March 22, 2010

8 week Well Check

Canyon: 12 lbs 0.5 oz 22.5 in...

percentile in weight...64.03

ME (to Canyon): Wow you're a shorty
DOC: How tall is your husband?
ME: 5'6"
DOC: How tall are you?
(as if he couldn't tell)
ME: 5'2"
DOC: What did you want?

I think he was trying to say that Canyon's genetics are not going to go along with my 6' tall wishes for him....shucks.

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tammy lu said...

haha! You never know, he could have gotten some one's genes in your family. Both my aunt and uncle were under 6 foot tall and my cousin is 6'2 b/c his grandfather was 6'3. Keep hoping, I know I am!!

Sorry about last night, Bret and I have not been feeling well since we got back! I hope it was fantastic!!