Friday, November 26, 2010

Duh da da dun!

You guessed it...we moved...again. Now I'm sure we'll find more faults with this new location as time goes but as of right's the bees knees:) Our last place proved to be a bit, well, scary. We got out of the contract and into a townhome in a better area. We were in a 3 bedroom and now we're in a 2 bedroom but it's the same square footage and we're making it work! I had a few requests for pictures. Now mind you, we haven't completely unpacked and we're selling some of the furniture seen so don't'll look better soon:)
This my dear friends is my new best friend, sort of. The kitchen is probably one of my favorite amenities in our new place. Not only is the fridge awesome and the counter space would be good of a catering company but where you cannot see is a pantry! Yes a pantry!!! We have yet to have one and so far....I LOVE IT!

This is a little bit of a distorted view of the living room. We're selling the rocking chair and I'm sure those boxes will be gone by morning. I'm really excited that we put the amiore downstairs as an entertainment center. It'll be nice not to worry as much about the baby falling on the sharp corners of our last TV stand.

EW embarrassing closet picture. Please forgive me :) The bedroom is bigger than our last and the bathroom is too. There are 2.5 bathrooms total. One in each bedroom and a half bath downstairs.

This is Canyon's room. He's going to be gracious enough to host any of our overnight guests:) Don't worry...they won't have to wake up for the midnight feedings. It's a little tight but I think it'll work just fine.

Oh I almost forgot. There's a backyard for the dog! Thank goodness for less dog hair in the house:)

Come visit us. We'll make dinner!


Kylie & TJ said...

Maybe the next time TJ and I are in Utah we'll have to visit so I can finally meet you :) Looks cute!

sharon. said...

Looks great! I am glad you guys are somewhere safer. Isn't it great having a yard for the K9. What we do for out pups :)

taylor said...

Looks like a cute place! Enjoy! :)

Danica said...

I love it! Really cute and I love all of your white furniture. Way cute! Hope you guys love it there!

Heather Jones said...

Bailee, I love it!! I am so sorry we were out of town when you moved. We want to come see it! Emily and Brittany would love to come babysit for free for a date night for you and Zach! (Their idea!) I can bring them over and then I can see your cute home in person. Let us know if you would like to take them up on that