Monday, January 31, 2011

The Party

The party was a hit. A big thanks to everyone that came (and those who sent their love from far away places!). We sure have a wonderful group of friends and family!

Zach and I had a blast decorating. Zach did an awesome job with streamers and balloons. Instead of a "Happy Birthday" banner I did a "closeline" of pictures from the last year of C's life. It turned out just right! (we still haven't taken it down:)

Canyon was an angel all night! I couldn't have asked for happier, drama free baby!

We served cold cut sandwiches, fruit and salad. The Jones family was nice enough to bring some veggies too. Our little place filled up quickly but it definitely worked. Here's to having a place big enough for gatherings!!

The cake was the most exciting part for me. I was so excited to decorate them and watch C smash 'em. Unfortunately C didn't really want anything to do with his blue cake:) What a personality:)

Canyon loved opening the gifts and wants to thank everyone for the fun he received!!! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and son. The party was a success and I can't wait to do it again!


tammy said...

I LOVE the "clothesline" picture idea! I am glad it was a big success! I cannot believe that little man is already one! Here's to many more years!

Janine said...

I'm bummed we had to leave early, but it was fun for the few minutes we were there. C is CRAZY cute and you're awesome at throwing par-tays!

Heather Jones said...

It was fun celebrating with him, I just wish we could have stayed longer and didn't have to rush off to the soccer game.