Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not much sweeter than this

A few weeks back I drafted a post about perfection. I never did finish it. Today I decided to update the blog and all I could think about was, "life is just sweet and perfect right now."

I don't know how much better life can get. I feel as though I have it all. An amazing husband, a hilarious and loving 2 year old, a great job, a beautiful place to call home...I mean really, things are good.

I guess I'll give you a snippet of our lives right now.

Most mornings C and I wake up without the aid of an alarm clock, happy and well rested. We go downstairs and while I'm making oatmeal, C watches a Disney movie. After the movie and a filling breakfast I start on chores. As you can see, Canyon loves to help and hinder:)

After a few chores, Canyon can't take it anymore, he persuades me to come and play. We usually build a castle with legos, draw Buzz Lightyear or build some elaborate train track. We have too much fun. 

I've been working part time back at the office. I love being there and the extra time I get to do my homework is a definite bonus. Canyon has been going to a sitter in our neighborhood and loves to tell me all the things they do. He sure misses Ms. Julie but he's adjusting so well. 

After daddy get's off work he picks up C in the bike trailer (remember we only have one car? It's ok, I forget all the time). They get home and eat dinner and enjoy our big backyard. I head to class until 9pm and come home just in time to help put C down for bed. 

Bed time has been so great lately. We finally found a routine that Canyon likes and will stick to and we are all happier for it. 

It's so interesting to know that our lives aren't "perfect" in some people's eyes but right now I couldn't ask for more:) 

I'll keep up with the updates. 19 credit hours have been keeping me busy but I don't want to make that my excuse not to blog because if I do, I won't blog again until next April....and I don't want that:) Can't wait to share some summer fun!

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Heather Jones said...

Sounds wonderful! I love your little family and am so happy that you are happy. When you said, Sounds wonderful. I am so happy that you are happy! When you said, "It's so interesting to know that our lives aren't "perfect" in some people's eyes. . .", all I could think was that it doesn't matter what someone else thinks is perfect. What does matter is your family and what a beautiful and happy family you are! You are doing a beautiful job and don't let someone else make you think otherwise. Love you guys!