Wednesday, August 13, 2014

22 Weeks

22 weeks. I can't believe how time flies. We've been terrible about taking weekly photos and when we do I hate them. I end up getting a decent mirror selfie, which is definitely not good quality. Alas, it'll have to do.

So, a little update. I feel fantastic. Second trimester energy has finally hit and I've been taking on fun projects again. Most involve sewing things for this little man. I've also been on a cleaning kick, more specifically gutting. Today was the garage, last week I did the craft room. It feels so good to declutter. Weight wise I'm doing well. I've gained just a tad more than I originally wanted to by this point but that's the nature of the beast. I had been staying super active and on track but after one of our awesome hiking excursions I started contracting and dilated a tad. No more exercise for this pregnant lady. Although, in a week or two I'm going to get back into doing some prenatal yoga. Hopefully it'll be just enough to keep me sane but not too much and put me into preterm labor again.

Baby M is finally a little ninja soccer player. When we were going through all the infertility stuff, the one thing I knew I'd miss most if I never got pregnant again was feeling the baby move. I seriously can't stop smiling when I can feel his little wiggling and kicking. Get's me even more excited for him to get here. Also, baby has a name! Yay! We'll wait till we get a little closer to get that all announced, but it starts with M.

So I think I'm going to include some of the fun adventures and pics from the last few weeks. Up until our little scare, we did some pretty awesome hikes.

My sister came out and stayed with us for a few weeks while my parents took a work trip to Japan. We introduced her to our favorite hobby, hiking. This first hike was up American Fork canyon just above Silver Lake flats. It is hands down the most beautiful hike I've done to date.
Start of the hike.
 The hike was about a mile longer than anticipated so Bruce definitely needed a swim once we got up to the lake. 
 The scenery was gorgeous the whole way but the lake was the cherry on top. I could've stayed there for days. 

 Dark clouds started rolling in when we were at the top of the trail. We started heading back down and got caught in a huge lightning storm. It was pretty scary until we reached the tree line. I've never run down a mountain that fast. Not gonna lie, I was pretty sure I was going to get struck by lightning that day. 
 These two were taken in Moab at Corona Arch. Such a fun hike, but boy was it hot. 

After walking around town and eating a yummy dinner, we headed to Arches National park and hiked Delicate Arch. While the air was much cooler (we hiked it at sunset) the  hike was more strenuous than I had expected. The view at the top was way worth the hike. I started contracting about a day and a half after this hike. Bitter sweet I guess. 

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