Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What a great day.

Last Tuesday was rough. I'm happy to report that this week has been MUCH better.

Canyon man started preschool this morning. He is just thrilled to be out of the house, making friends and learning new things. I definitely had to hold back a few tears as I sent him on his way. I did snap a few shots before I did though.


 I love that he found a dandelion and told me he wanted to make a wish. What a sweetheart! 

After a very productive hour at home by myself, I got a call from my sweet husband. Zach's not really a phone talker, but he asked how dropping off C was and was overly pleasant. I finally asked him why on earth he called. Apparently our 7-10 business day wait is up (sooner than expected!). While we were prepared to love and raise a sweet angel with Down syndrome, we are very excited to report that the little man does not have an extra chromosome. Again, we both felt so at peace this last week and knew that either way, our family was complete the way it was supposed to be. I think the whole experience will help in the future as I empathize with mamas going through similar waits.

We are so grateful for the out pouring of love we felt from family and friends while we adjusted to the idea of Maverick having Down syndrome. I, more than anyone, needed the extra support as I shifted my idea of what our future held. Thank you. We both know that if the test had come back positive, this little boy would have an army of loved ones to buoy him up throughout his life.

I think I like Wednesdays.

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