Monday, December 29, 2014

Maverick's Birth Story

It has been a whole month since our IVF miracle officially joined the family. It's high time his grand entrance be shared. You may not want to know any of this information or see any of the pictures. I for one LOVE reading birth stories but I'm sure many don't. I really want to write it down and share it mostly so I'll remember it. I forgot so much of the day Canyon was born. I mean, I remember the big things but not so much the details. 

So looking back to Monday, November 24th. I had my 37 week check up that morning at 10. I had been contracting inconsistently since 19 weeks and regularly with pain since 30. Prior to that appointment I had been dilated to a 3 (starting at 34 weeks) and 70% effaced. Dr. B went over the usual and then checked my cervix. She said I was a 4 and 80% effaced (yay!) and she didn't think I'd be pregnant beyond Thanksgiving. While I wanted Mr. Mav to cook as long as he needed, I was sure ready. This pregnancy had been so much harder on me than my first. By this point all my joints ached and moving was pretty painful. I carried extra low and there was a huge strain on my back. 

After the appointment, Canyon and I ate some lunch at home and went to look at some houses with the girls. The contractions got worse and started to take my breath away. 

My water broke at 8:10 pm and I was out without Zach. I was admitted to Labor and Delivery all alone (but lucky to be with all my work friends!) and a little worried he wouldn't make it in time. Canyon came pretty quick for being induced and they had warned me that if I ever went into labor on my own it wouldn't take too long for my next to deliver. 

Canyon and Zach got a ride to the hospital with Grandma Stailey. I had half my hospital bag packed but luckily had C's overnight bag completely ready. Zach's mom picked C up a few minutes later. 

When I got to the hospital I was 5cm. I wanted to go as long as possible without the epidural (feeling like if it was moving fast I may not need it) and honestly I was handling the pain pretty well. After 30 or so minutes the contractions started to slow down. By 9:30pm they hadn't picked up so they started low dose pitocin. Just a little to get  things moving. It didn't take but a short while before those contractions picked right up and it started to get harder to breathe through them. I started tensing up and holding my breath with each one. When they checked me at 11pm I was still a 5 and I decided on the epidural. Dr. L came in and did the epidural (he's the best). He finished the epidural at about midnight but I was still feeling every contraction. Deborah, my nurse/friend, said she'd come back and check in a half an hour. She had an inkling I was going to make my move. at 12:40 pm Tuesday morning, Deborah came back to check. Feeling slightly defeated, I told her I probably hadn't changed much. Through a chuckle she told me I was complete and +2 station. After a good push and a little nudge, Maverick Michael Hawkins was born at 12:53am. He was a whole 5lbs 14oz and 18.5 inches long.

Fortunately for us, Mav was perfect. We were worried about NICU time but his lungs did great and I was able to keep him with me. 

Canyon met his baby brother Tuesday afternoon. It was wonderful. He struggled with the whole situation when they first got to the hospital but within a few minutes he was completely smitten with his little brother. There's a book we've read several times over the last year called Mail Harry to the Moon. It's about a big brother who isn't too fond of the idea of a baby in the house but eventually comes around. The last page is a picture of the brothers making a silly face. I'm so glad we snapped this photo, even if it's blurry.

Canyon so bad wanted to make Mav laugh that day. It couldn't have better.

Mav and I were discharged on Wednesday afternoon, 36 hours after delivery. Canyon walked proudly next to the wheelchair sporting his "Cool Big Bro" tee and making sure people knew Maverick had a matching "Cool Little Bro" onesie. 

What a joy they both our in our lives. We are one lucky family.


Mikaela D said...

I loved this! Such sweet pictures too!

Annie said...

Love it! Who did your photography?

Akina's said...

Beautiful Bailee!! Congrats on your absolutely perfect little addition!!