Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11-20...He's gone:(

Yesterday, Zach's boss asked him to head down and work with a crew in Tahoe, NV. He left today and won't be back until March 20th. Oh, I already miss him. As I go on with my normal life Zach is staying in a hotel in Reno, you may have heard of it, Circus Circus:) Lucky boy. Although he'll be missing my birthday, this trip is a good oppurtunity for him and we are both thanking our lucky stars that he has a job. It's crazy being apart for the first time since we've been married but man, I love him that much more! Thanks to all who are so loving and supportive, we love you!!!
PS here's a picture of Circus Circus I found online:) muahahaha

Zach left today after I had gone to work. The sweet man he is he left a dozen roses and notes all over the house. Every time I move something, open a drawer or peek in the fridge I find a new one. I can't help but feel like things don't get much better than this.


Mechelle said...

He IS SO SWEET! But it does get better. Better and Better! Just wait and see. m

Heather said...

Bailee, I'm sorry. We would love to have you over ANYTIME! Come whenever you want! Please come for dinner this Sunday, March 15. Danica's family will be here too!