Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

This weekend has been just amazing. Number 1. I've spent it with my sweetheart and Number 2. I've been able to reflect on my testimony of Christ and pause to remember all the many blessing's he has offered me.

Zach and I woke up and took our first family Easter pictures. They'll be better next year when we're not doing them five minutes before church.

As we took pictures and drove to church I couldn't help feeling unsurpassable gratitude for the biggest blessing so far, our eternal marriage and family. His plan is so wonderful and today I sat in reverence and awe as my heart was filled with the joy of my Savior. He loves us and each day I try and show Zach that my growing love for him is slowing becoming like the Savior's love. Through the events that we celebrate this time of year we were shown how great that love really was and is.

Sacrament was amazing as speakers testified that He lives and that we must build a relationship with him. In Relief Society, the insructor had produced an amazing presentation that reviewed the Savior's life with music and motion picture. The spirit again testified of the love Christ has for me and for all those around me. I have new resolve to love all those around me like the Savior does and it will change lives. I love each and every one of you and I love my Savior. I'm so glad families are forever because I never want to leave mine.

Excuse the kissing picture. We didn't realize the camera timer was going to take two pictures. I only posted it because it really is Zach and I, and we're in LOVE!



Danica said...

Glad you had such a great first Easter together. You are a ctue couple! Fun to see the birthday pictures too. Zupa's is my favorite!

Lindsey said...

Hey Bailee, this is Lindsey Wilkins (now Stokes). I was lucky enough to stumble on your first I couldn't believe you were married! However, after reading your beautiful insights on the Savior and eternal marriage, it hit me how grown up you are (although it is still hard for me not to picture you and Jan being 14 when I think of you : )

I am so happy life is so wonderful for look GORGEOUS and SO HAPPY!!!!

Little sidenote: how do you fix your hair? I just cut mine short for the first time, and can't get it to look cute EVER and I LOVE yours!!!!

Kristin said...

Bailee you have the CUTEST hair ever! I just cut mine-hoping it would look like that. It doesn't. but just thought I'd let you know you win the award for cutest hair. :)

Christina said...

I think you are such a wonderful person, Bailee! I love your testimony! And it's always been my opinion that you can always be newlyweds in your marriage! Keep having fun because it only gets better! You are an awesome couple!