Saturday, April 18, 2009

Too much fun! update update update.

Zach has officially been home for two weeks!! Woot Woot. It's so fun having him here. I really do enjoy every minute I have with him. Today we purchased a mountain bike for me so I can try and keep up with him when we go down to Moab and hit the Rockies:) He amazes me more and more each day. We have had fun sitting in our cute apartment enjoying homework. Ok so we enjoy it a little, or maybe it's just me.

Finals are approaching quickly. It'll be nice for Zach to be done with school for the summer so he can travel without worrying about school. As for me I start classes again on May 6. I'm taking Calc 2 and 3 over the summer along with a power yoga class:) This fall I'll be taking Biology, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Development of the adolescent student, and Math teaching in Secondary Education. I'm really excited. These are the last Prereqs before I apply for the Secondary Ed program in the fall. Hopefully I'll start the program in January and finish soon.

Zach and I had the chance to visit the Salt Lake Temple with five other couples from my family an do some family temple work. It was so amazing and the veil seemed so thin even with my lack of knowledge of those whom I was doing work for. I couldn't help but repeat the words to I love to see the temple over and over in my head. What a special place. I'm excited to share that joy with my family in the eternities!

Last of all, Zach and I are planning on going camping a lot this summer so if any of you have any great spots you don't mind sharing (most likely in the central Utah area) we would love to try 'em out. We got some great camping gear from our dear family and friends from the wedding and we can't wait to use it all!

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Heather said...

Cute pics of you two!! I am so glad he's home. It was a neat experience in the temple. Thanks for coming. The veil always seams thinner to me too when I am working on family names.