Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby on Board

As most of you might know....we have a baby on board! I thought I'd share a little of what has happened to date.

My first clue: strange breakout
Zach's first clue: Me eating an entire jar of twenty minutes.
Although we say these are clues we really had no idea of the surprise around the corner. The morning of June 1 I sat screaming alone in our little apartment. I texted Zach...wanting to wait till he got home but not being able to. His response was "hahaha...sure". I assumed he was upset and he responded "are you serious!?" "are you sure?". The first week was...well different. Although we couldn't see or feel the presence of the newest member of our little family, we were getting used to the idea of the addition. To be honest, we were scared...we still are. Fear is not it now...I'm pretty sure we're just as or more excited then we are afraid.

So I was able to go and get our first real ultrasound a week ago. The little bean has a strong heartbeat..about 150 beats per minute. I can't wait till Zach can go to an appointment and hear that cute heartbeat.

We're excited as ever!!! We'll keep ya updated!


Kadi said...

Congratulations! But honestly, I still see you as that cute little 8 year old that I used to're not really old enough to have babies!

Danica said...

So excited for you! I'll look forward to the baby updates as they come!

Heather Jones said...

We are sooo escited for you! It was fun to see you last weekend. Please come whenever you want! We love to havve you!

Heather Jones said...

Oops! I just reread my comment. We are so EXCITED for you!! and we love to HAVE you over! I guess I was typing too fast.

Lindsey said...

I am with Kadi, I still struggle that you and Jan are old enough to drive and date...much less make babies : )

So happy for you. Janalie told me and I said, "NO WAY" and didn't believe her until she showed me the ticker on your blog...I am still blown away!

You are going to make an amazing mommy, and I don't know Zach, but if he was great enough to catch the great Bailee Russell, than I am sure he will make an awesome daddy.

Congrats again!

Mindy Stailey said...

Can't wait! Of course I will babysit ANYTIME!!

Nikki Hall said...

Hey we just wanted to say congrats! I know that your so excited and your going to be a great mom! We miss you guys hope to hang out with you soon!

Stacey said...

Yay.. babies turn your world upside down but they do cute things so it's all worth it :)