Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We've come a LONG way:)

Ruffling through a few blogs, I found myself smiling as I remembered the beginnings of Zach and Bailee. A year and a half has changed the lives of both of us so drastically it's incredible! Many of you don't even know how it all played out so I'll entertain.

We met March 14, 2008. My roommate/close friend Rachel and I were stretching. I was getting ready to run the Rex Lee 5k the morning following. Rachel's brother Phil stopped by with two of his friends. They stayed and talked for so long!! 11:30 rolled around and I was ready for bed. The boys were heading to a midnight showing of the movie Cloverfield but with a race the next day I opted out. Before leaving another of Phil's friends stopped in to go to the movie with them, ZACH. It was the usual I thought he was handsome but he was telling everyone about the date he had just finished...

We saw eachother every day for nearly 2 weeks after that. He stopped by not even four days after we met to drop by a homemade birthday card and cookies. He was an expert of the imfamous "game". Something I was not impressed by. He'd make sure to wait to call or text at least 24 hours after we'd hang out, just to make me keep coming back. I was so frustrated, but I kept going back.

Zach kissed me on the front steps of my apartment not too long after, and from there it was a landslide to true love. We spent the summer working and playing, never a day apart. At the beginning of August, I went back to Flag for two weeks to spend some time with my family and work at Sizzler. When I had left Zach was convinced he'd have to date me a year before we'd marry, but he knew we'd get married. We were engaged 3 weeks later:) He'd had a spiritual experience in the temple and felt our wedding would be much sooner.

Three months of intense planning and out popped a beautiful wedding. The best day of my life. I began the year just hoping to finish the semester and ended it knowing I was the most blessed woman. We were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for time and all eternity, not long enough:) I'm so grateful to have Zach in my life. He has taught me so much about the gospel and has helped me become a stronger person.

Here we are 502 days after that late night meeting. I'm 13 weeks pregnant, we have a 5 month old black lab, and we're more in love than ever. On March 14, 2008 I would have laughed at the person daring enough to tell what was in store in the next 502 days. It's been the best rollercoaster yet:)

The Rex Lee run the day after I met Zach

Hospital visit that same Saturday. One of Zach's uncles actually predicted our future form this picture.

Zach holding baby Bethanie at my birthday party about a week after we met:) ....and someone told me he doesn't hold babies....tsk tsk:)

Leaving our wonderful reception! What a fun year!!!

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Stacey said...

What an exciting whirlwind! I can't wait to meet Zach he seem fabulous. (meeting him for 5 seconds at your reception doesn't count)