Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

So I've been meaning to post a picture of our cute little Christmas tree for so long. To put that in perspective for you....Zach put it up the day after Thanksgiving. When I say Zach put it up I mean he went and picked out a fresh tree, brought it home, pulled out the decorations, put on the lights, hung the glittery balls, added the flower and berry clusters and finished it off with the beautiful tree skirt my great grandma Lamb made. You may say to yourself, "Self, it sounds like what normally is a woman's job was taken by the man in that house." I kindly remind you I supportively watched from the bedrest prison I was on at the time. He did a really fantastic job and the pictures just don't do it can hardly see most of the ornaments but without further ado.......

The Hawkins family 2nd Annual Christmas tree spectacular!

we are still working on getting a star:)


Danica said...

What a beautiful tree. We've been married for 10 years and I still haven't bought a star for the top of our tree. I think I might do it this year. :) You guys are too cute! Love you!

tammy lu said...

YAY!! Way to go Zach! It looks great!!