Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Happiness:)

Christmas was so fun this year. To keep the story short, we spent it with Zach's family. Yes, yes...it's the first Christmas EVER away from home for me but I feel like I did pretty well. It was definitely a challenge to my organized, quiet Christmas brain watching Zach's two youngest brothers open a sea of packages. Toys and paper being thrown everywhere screamed "don't loose me, don't loose me." Zach enjoyed making fun of me and we both enjoyed sharing our second Christmas together. I sure did miss my little family but I get them next year. Bethanie will have to share a little bit of the spot light with Canyon next year so hopefully that goes well:)

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and time with family. I'm not sure I'm ready for Zach to go back to work and school. I've enjoyed the lazy mornings sleeping in and the fun filled evenings after I get off work. The hussle bussell is not yet welcome at our house. I'll fend it off as long as I can stand:)

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