Monday, January 25, 2010


My cute friend, Rachel Hudson, tried to get all of our old friends together for a night out on the town before I officially grow up. Most of them were busy with work, school and fiances but three of us decided to have a blast without em. Rachel, Ashley and I went to one of our favorites for dinner, Zupas. We caught up with the happenings in eachother's lives and then moved on to the wonderful world of Target. My doc asked that I start walking whenever I can to get this baby out, so we decided to kill a couple of birds with one stone. Rachel got her groceries, I got to walk and we all got to talk:) We had such a fun time and I even allowed a photo to be taken!! brave me I know! Take a good look because soon, very soon that baby won't be in that tummy.


Bethi said...

You look great Bailee! Good luck with everything tomorrow! Walking definitely helps. I spent the whole day before just walking around the mall. I gets tiring after a while but keep going! :) Please let us know if you need anything. Food, cleaning, laundry, etc. we are available to help! I'll send you my number via facebook :)

Zach and Bailee said...

Thanks Bethi! I will definitely let you know if we need anything! you are great!

Danica said...

Yeah! I'm just waiting to hear the news on how the little boy is doing! Hope all went well. What a fun time out with the girls. Friends are so important and you'll find that they become even more important when yo are home with a needy baby all of the time. Getting out with your girlfriends once in a while will keep you a happy mommy!