Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kickin off the New Year

Today Zach and I kicked off the New Year with friends. Zach went snowboarding with a couple of friends up at Sundance Resort. They boarded all day while the wife of one, Katie, and I made some things for our coming children:) I guess you could say it was our last hoorah before life gets a little more hectic. Next week Zach starts school and I start another job. In three weeks, we'll be welcoming the little I think it's safe to say, life will be hectic.

I was suprised to hear that Zach was "catching some air" on their snowboarding trip. His pals tried to get some good shots but kept missing some totally awesome air:) So for your information, Zach is not cha-cha ing on his board...He's in the air and staying balanced. I will mention I'm glad he came home in one piece.

Brock, Taylor and Zach at the top of the mountain. Zach sure enjoyed the thrill of the ride:)

Meet the "taggie". This was our mission today and it came out quite nice. I've heard little ones love to play with the ribbons and the soft minky is sure to be a hit. I pretty much just made Canyon his security blankie:) They turned out so cute and I have enough fabric to make another so hopefully that'll happen this week. You may call it nesting..and you're probably right. I mean, 24 days to's about time the nesting kicked in:)


tammy lu said...

I am glad you clarified what Zach was doing cause I totally thought he was posing some type of dancing pose! ;)

Still not sure what a taggie is but it looks nice! Glad you guys had some fun before Canyon comes!

Blaine and Priscilla said...

Such a cute blanket! your going to have to do a post only about how to make those! haha good luck these next couple of weeks!