Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pool Time

Alas, Canyon seems to dislike the water. He kind of freezes up and cuddles. So my goal is to help him realize that the water is a fun place to be. My goal is to go to the pool at least 3 times this week and hopefully by the time we fly out on Saturday he'll be ready to enjoy the water.

The water was a little too cold...so C decided to cuddle up to mom and rejected all offered toys. We got out shortly after and enjoyed the nice day. He was happy to play with toys on the beach chair and made numerous attempts at eating the camera. Ten minutes later he was buckled into his stroller, out for a nap. This is when I assumed tanning position and soaked in some vitamin D while he slept in the shade. Woot woot for one hour naps, I needed a little color.

Hopefully Wednesday will go a little better...

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Danica said...

Love that little guy! He is such a cutie! None of my babies liked the water much until they were one or a little older. Now they are little fish!