Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lack thereof

I like pictures. I like to share pictures. So I will venture to say that the reason I haven't posted anything in the last eleven days would be the fact that we no longer own a camera (I sure hope the five finger discount is treating the man who took it well).

Other than a few material possessions that once were ours and are now no more, we are lacking so little in our lives at present. I'm thrilled that fall is closing in and we will shortly be enjoying some of my favorite weather (which will unfortunately be followed by some of my least favorite). Zach has started classes...only 3 more semesters and I will have one edumacated hubby:) I deferred this semester...long story short I couldn't get into any classes in my major...they were all full. My free time is now filled with giggles, singing, dancing and home improvement projects.
Canyon is growing like a weed. He really wants to skip crawling and start walking but it's not working out so well. He's pretty frustrated that the only way he scoots is backwards. The other day I found him half way under the couch while I was cooking dinner. He gave me the look of "mom...why on earth is this so hard?" I've loved having extra time with him. He is all smiles and laughs. The one thing that he loves more than toys, baths and food is his daddy. They'll sit across the table from each other and just grin. It kills me...I wish I could be as cool as a daddy but I'll be happy being the mom:) Canyon also really likes saying "dada". Zach sure likes it too.

As soon as we get a new camera I'll be sure to capture the moments I've been wanting to and share them.

On a quick, mushy note I want to say how great my hubby is. Not to brag, but the man is taking 20.5 credits in school and working a full 40 hours a week. Not to mention he is a full time listener, comforter and nose blower (not my nose, Canyon's:) Those are just a few of the many things he does in a day. I think after a week of his schedule I would collapse and refuse to get back up. I love him. It's amazing that everyday I find my love growing and I am at peace with my decision to marry young to such a great man. It's hard sometimes but we work it out and are better for it. Thanks honey. You.are.great.
So I included a picture anyway...I couldn't help myself. This is one of our engagement pictures. Yes I used to be THAT skinny:)


Danica said...

Oh, I wish we lived closer and I saw that little guy more. Bailee, you are such a cute Mom (and a cute wife)!

Mindy Stailey said...

What the devil are you talking about! You look exactly the same you silly!! Oh and that Canyon man is truly perfection. I miss seeing you and would love to play sometime or get my hands on that fat man and steal him for a while. Sorry about today. D just told me he had the day off and wanted to hit the temple. Seeing as how we haven't been for oh......I just won't say. :)

Julie Ann said...

Aw I loved the mushy part of that post :) Makes me happy! I love love~!