Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where to start...

***Warning...long post ahead. I've gotta catch up:)***

In an effort to be a better mother and wife, I've cut down my computer/blog time...It's a work in progress. I just know that when the baby's napping I could be getting so much more done if I wasn't checking out blogs and facebook. So the new goal? I'm only going to blog, surf the web and such while I'm at work. When I'm at home I have two very important boys that I want to take care of. The World Wide Web will continue on but with a little less Bailee surfing it's sites.
To play a little catch up, my family came up the first week in August to camp at Lagoon. They came in Saturday evening and stayed the night with us. I think everyone in the apartment complex was surprised to find a very long camper trailer parked in the parking lot. Fortunately the camper survived the evening and so did my parents (Bruce likes to torment them to my dismay). It was fun having them come to church with us. As you probably know we are in a student married ward. Upon arrival many of our fellow students supposed my sweet family to be students as well. I can only hope I carry the gene that keeps them looking so young.
They headed up to Lagoon and I met back up with them on Wednesday.
Canyon trying to help Grandpa with the extra large pepsi.

Canyon enjoyed his first theme park visit from the comfort of a Graco stroller. I am always amazed how fascinated by her he is. Canyon will just watch her for hours...he especially loves it when she dances. Oh I'm in for a treat in the teenage years:)

Last weekend we met up with some friends who were camping up American Fork Canyon. We were really up for camping that evening so we just stayed for some campfire fun which included my favorite, smoldering dessert...S'MORES!! Thanks goodness for toasted marshmallows, graham crackers and gently melted chocolate. Zach will tell you that often he'll come home from work to find me making one in the microwave...not as good but it is a close second.

Earlier this week we won a cutest kid contest on the facebook page of a local photography. It was a close call but we pulled ahead for the win midnight Monday. The prize is a free photo session, 1 8x10 photo, 1 5x7, 8 wallets and 5 digital images with print release. I went out and looked at her prices and it's worth about a $450 value. Thank yous are in order for each and every one of the 183 friends who voted...we are blessed to have such great friends! Our photo session is scheduled for August 28th and I'll make sure to let you know how it goes and when I get the pictures they will be posted:)

So now that I've helped lull you into your afternoon nap...I'll leave you to enjoy sweet dreams of Lagoon and cute babies.

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