Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marriage is about love:)

Short story:

Yesterday just didn't feel right. A nauseous and tired Bailee makes for dull company. Upon arriving home I found the surprise (or should I say surprises) that our dear black lab, Bruce, had left for me. I won't go into detail about the actual mess but I will say they are bodily functions most don't desire on the carpet. Not knowing where to start, I did the only logical thing I could think of...called Zach. Yes the one person who had absolutely no power to do anything about the
situation. Poor man, listened to me freak out about a mess he couldn't even see.

After an hour of carpet cleaning I headed off to get groceries. I hadn't heard from the hubby so I worried he was upset that I had not handled the situation a little better. (ps I can't really stand him being upset with me. I ALWAYS have to fix the problem asap). I came home from shopping, unloaded the groceries and started organizing the house, all the while wishing he was home.

I was in the nursery feeding my little monster when Zach came home. He came in and I started in on apologizing for the way I acted. He cut me off and kissed me, thanking me for cleaning up the mess. After I put C down for bed I came out to a bouquet of roses and lilies.

What a man. I'm lucky.

Other news, you may have noticed I'm a little obsessed with the borders around my pictures, sorry.

We're all registered for classes.

I'm working on getting the California pictures up...there's a lot of them and I'm trying to edit and narrow them down.

oh Canyon's 9 month check up....(this is proving to be a HUMONGOUS post...oops!)

Height: 28in (39.9th percentile)
Weight: 20lbs (40th percentile)
Head circumference: 48cm (95th percentile)

what? he's just got a little extra room up there ;)

Canyon at 9 months:
Crawling...EVERYWHERE. The other day I left the room he was in and he followed me like a puppy. I love him
Eating, Eating Eating....he eats everything and is drinking more formula than thought possible.
Jibber Jabber: the boy talks up a storm. Mama when he's sad and dada all other times:)
loves to watch me clap and or clap his hands together...refuses to do it himself..
I'm sure there's more but my brain is failing me...still :)

Are you ready for Halloween? I'm not


Kristin said...

holy cute header! And way to be Zach! :)

Akina's said...

ooooh so much fun he's getting so big!! i just can't believe it... aren't you so glad that you married such a wonderful man! what would we do without them. haha. miss you bai!

Lindsay said...

Enjoy the no teeth!!!!! Lillie is cutting her molars-she already has 8. Wish she would crawl instead!

Heather Jones said...

I am so happy that you are blessed with a sweet and caring sweetheart!