Thursday, December 16, 2010

aaahh pictures!

The un posted picture.
I finally transferred all of our pictures to my newest laptop. Thank goodness! So these are random and old but enjoy!!!

We did get the halloween costume on for a little while. The kind lion wanted to share the morning news with mommy:)

Canyon usually wants to hide in this corner. ENDLESS possibilities!!! A nightstand with lots of things to pull out, cords to wave around and a bed to crawl under. I usually hide behind a post and watch him, quietly giggling.
Cruising...yes cruising..EVERYWHERE. He smiles so big when he pulls himself up. I'm pretty sure that's the most innocent pride there is!

We loved riding on the chairlift this fall. Wish it wasn't so cold so we could do it again!

hope you enjoyed catching up with us. more excitement to come!!!

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