Wednesday, March 9, 2011

blogger's block

You'd think with my new hobby and all the time I haven't spent blogging that my house would be impeccably clean, not so my friends. I have found myself face down in a little of this...

and a little more of this...
Ok so it's not really blogger's block...more like a time deficiency.

I'm waist deep in midterms and to tell ya'll the truth I.LOVE.IT. Its tough and sometimes I have a hard time focusing instead of falling asleep, but it's utterly rewarding. The human body is my passion (that sounds completely ridiculous, I know). Poor Zach has to listen to me after class every night talking about all the amazing things I learn. (He secretly thinks I'm a NERD)

So for this week you might not see much more of me. I'm running a race Saturday and then next week is spring break with a sprinkle of visiting parents (hallelujah I can't wait to see them). It'll be a bit more relaxed and maybe just maybe I'll blog a little more about what's happening at our house. It's a little boring but hey...some of you still read it:)

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Heather Jones said...

You are amazing! Good luck with all the midterms!