Sunday, December 11, 2011

Three years baby!

Zach may not be all that into Valentine's Day or even Mother's day for that matter...but he sure is great at anniversaries!

On Tuesday will mark the day we agreed to spend eternity together just three years ago. I'm not going to's getting increasingly hard to remember what life was like before that day and I don't think I ever want to go back.

Since our anniversary falls on the same day as my biggest final this semester and a full day of work we decided to take the weekend off for a little romantic fun.

C had a sleep over with his uncles H and M while we took off out of Utah County to enjoy a real city:)

Zach made all the plans this year....ok he does every year. I guess my gift to him is smiling and telling him how great he is. We checked into the Hotel Monaco around 3:30pm and rushed to get much needed massages. We are knot free for the time being and boy does that feel nice, I give it a week:)

For dinner we walked down to The Melting Pot. It was fun to reminisce about our 1st anniversary. Same restaurant...different Bailee (I was 9 months pregnant then). The food was just as good as our memories had made it out to be, and we tried a new dessert..and we found a new FAVORITE!!!

We walked back to our cozy hotel room with a king sized bed (which is a nice change from our full that we normally share with a 100 pound dog and a wiggly 2 year old) and watched Fred Clause (it was on TNT) while relazing. We both agreed on how much we love our little man but it was nice to spend a night just the two of us.

We slept in this morning and enjoyed breakfast. We lazily drove back to the bubble to get our little man and rescue the lazy dog from his outdoor camping trip (aka the shed in the backyard).

I'm so lucky. so so so lucky.

Oh and The Hotel Monaco is getting it's own little post later on this week. I honestly love this place and can't wait to tell you about it!

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