Thursday, March 29, 2012

We've moved!

It's been two weeks so this might not be big news but...We've MOVED! yes...again. I think we've moved 5 times in our short marriage but this one is a tad more permanent.
On March 16th we signed the papers to our very first home. It feels so good to have a back yard and room to grow, not to mention we aren't paying much more than we were when we were renting.

Don't you love this not-so-awesome shot of the downstairs bathroom...I knew it was the thing you wanted to see, second only to the front of the house;) We have three full bathrooms, all are small but hey, there's 3!
This is the kitchen. I'm using this as the before picture because within the next week and a half there will be a makeover-blog worthy transformation. To the right of the fridge is a very large pantry...thank heavens since it's lacking in cupboard space.
I should've cleaned the playroom before taking this picture but Canyon wouldn't let me. So you now can see that Canyon enjoy's his playrom...and I sure enjoy having one. This room is 1 of the 5. They are all small, save the master which is ginormous. I feel the same as I did with the bathrooms, I don't mind that they're small because I have lots of them to use for different things.
Worst.picture.ever. but I couldn't seem to get a better one. This is the front room as you walk in the front door. We have yet to hang pictures or decorate so excuse the blandness of the room. There is also a living room (or is this one called a living room...I always get the two confused) further on in the house but I couldn't even get a shot like this of it...all you'd see is a picture of our sectional...and it's not for sale:)

As I decorate a little more I'll post more pics. AS of right now I was too embarrassed to show pictures of the purple and yellow rooms...those need a coat of neutral paint before making their debut.

We are loving Spanish Fork thus far. The only day of the year we intend on avoiding our town is that of the festival of colors....way to many dirty people disobeying traffic laws for our taste. We'll plan a get-away that weekend of next year.

We'd love company so plan a visit and we'll even let you play in our big back yard...because you know you want to:)


Kristin said...

gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you decorate! :)

Stacey said...

Do what you like but I actually love the olive green cabinets in the kitchen. :) Adorable house and I'm with you on the small rooms. I'm curious how much you paid but maybe that's rude. Based on how much the market has fallen in Springville I'd guess Spanish Fork has some good prices. Congrats.

Akina's said...

loooove your cabinets in the kitchen! congratulations sooo exciting!

Mercedes said...

Wow, I can't believe you bought a house!!! That is SO far down the road for us still. It looks so nice! What are you going to do to the kitchen? I love the cabinets!