Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

My mom ran the Ragnar Relay last weekend. Zach and I took some extra time off to watch Bethanie for her. Time off doesn't come often in this house so we decided to make a party of it. We headed up to the Hogle Zoo to see all the new exhibits. Unfortunately, so did the rest of the state. Apparently Zach and I are not crowd people. It was still a blast and the kids loved what animals they got to see. Canyon's favorite was the train. He wanted to ride that over and over again. 

The new polar bear/sea lion exhibit was definitely my favorite. The set up was just perfect and the animals were so fun to watch!

 Bethanie and I getting ready to ride the train.

Canyon was SO excited to ride this train.

I loaded the car and then picked up Zach at work and then we just headed straight up to the zoo. I packed our bike trailer that converts to a pretty great double jogging stroller, but I packed the wrong front wheel. We ended up having to rent a double. Not my favorite but it worked!
 After the Zoo both kids were exhausted. We let them sleep for an hour and then went to dinner. My dad was flying in from Scotland at 9pm so we decided it would be more cost efficient to stay in SLC until he arrived. 

Waiting around for 3 hours in Salt Lake isn't easy with a two and four year old. We found a grassy park with a ghetto play ground up by the U and let the kids have at it. Bethanie wouldn't let me get any good pictures of her but they spent most of the time rolling down grassy hills and racing to the next tree. 

I sure love these boys. SO.HANDSOME:)

It was super fun having Bethanie around. I think my dad is totally right, two is way easier than one at this age...

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